Water Boards Act 1904

Water Boards (Busselton) Regulations 2002


Water Boards (Busselton) Regulations 2002




3.Membership of the Busselton Water Board1


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Water Boards Act 1904

Water Boards (Busselton) Regulations 2002


These regulations may be cited as the Water Boards (Busselton) Regulations 2002.


In this order —

Busselton Water Board means the Water Board for the area constituted as the Busselton Water Area under the Act.

3.Membership of the Busselton Water Board

(1)The Busselton Water Board, as constituted by the appointment of the members by the Governor under the Water Boards (Busselton Water Board Constitution) Order 2002, is to consist of 6 members.

(2)Each member is to hold office for such period, not exceeding 3 years, as is fixed by the member’s instrument of appointment, being a period fixed so that at least one‑third of the members go out of office by effluxion of time every year.

[Regulation 3 amended in Gazette 11 Nov 2008 p. 4846.]



1This is a compilation of the Water Boards (Busselton) Regulations 2002 and includes the amendments made by the other written laws referred to in the following table.

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Water Boards (Busselton) Regulations 2002

19 Feb 2002 p. 759

19 Feb 2002

Water Boards (Busselton) Amendment Regulations 2008

11 Nov 2008 p. 4846

r. 1 and 2: 11 Nov 2008 (see r. 2(a));
Regulations other than r. 1 and 2: 12 Nov  2008 (see r. 2(b))