Coogee-Kwinana (Deviation) Railway Act 1961


Coogee-Kwinana (Deviation) Railway Act 1961


1.Short title1

2.Authority to construct railway1

Schedule — Line of Coogee ‑ Kwinana Deviation Railway


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Coogee‑Kwinana (Deviation) Railway Act 1961

An Act to authorise the construction of a railway deviating from the Coogee to Kwinana Railway.

1.Short title

This Act may be cited as the Coogee‑Kwinana (Deviation) Railway Act 1961 1.

2.Authority to construct railway

It shall be lawful to construct and maintain a railway, with all necessary, proper, and usual works and conveniences in connection therewith, along the lines described in the Schedule.


Schedule — Line of Coogee ‑ Kwinana Deviation Railway

[s. 2]

[Heading inserted: No. 19 of 2010 s. 5.]

Commencing at a point on the Coogee‑Kwinana Railway about 21 miles 16 chains from Perth and deviating in a south‑south‑easterly direction for a distance of 2,460 links, thence in a south‑easterly direction for a distance of 3,100 links, thence in a southerly direction for a distance of 2,560 links, thence in a south by westerly direction for a distance of 2,240 links, thence in a south by easterly direction for a distance of 1,220 links rejoining the Coogee‑Kwinana Railway at the 22 miles 45 chains 50 links as more particularly set out and delineated in red on map marked C.E. Plan No. 51680 deposited pursuant to the Public Works Act 1902, section 96.

Total length of deviation 1 mile 34 chains 60 links or thereabouts.



1This is a compilation of the Coogee-Kwinana (Deviation) Railway Act 1961 and includes the amendments made by the other written laws referred to in the following table. The table also contains information about any reprint.

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Coogee‑Kwinana (Deviation) Railway Act 1961

7 of 1961 (10 Eliz. II No. 7)

10 Oct 1961

10 Oct 1961

Reprint 1: The Coogee‑Kwinana (Deviation) Railway Act 1961 as at 2 Mar 2007

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19 of 2010

28 Jun 2010

11 Sep 2010 (see s. 2(b) and Gazette 10 Sep 2010 p. 4341)