Dental Act 1939

Dental Board Elections Regulations

These regulations were repealed by the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law (WA) Act 2010 s. 15(2)(b) (No. 35 of 2010) as at 18 Oct 2010 (see s. 2(b) and Gazette 1 Oct 2010 p. 5075-6)



Dental Board Elections Regulations


1.First election1

2.Annual elections1

3.Casual vacancies1

4.Advertising for nominations2


6.Nominees elected, if unopposed2

7.Ballot papers2


9.Counting of votes3

10.Irregularity not to invalidate election3


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Dental Act 1939

Dental Board Elections Regulations

1.First election

(1)The election of one other dentist to complete the number of the first elective members of the Board shall be held on such day in the month of March, 1940, as the Board shall direct.

(2)Such election shall be conducted by the Board as far as practicable in the same manner as is hereinafter provided for the first election of the elective members of the Board to be held in 1943.

2.Annual elections

Subject to regulation 1, the first election of the elective members of the Board shall be held on the first Tuesday in the month of December, 1943, and every election thereafter shall be held on the first Tuesday in the month of December in each and every succeeding third year.

3.Casual vacancies

Every casual vacancy in the office of an elective member of the Board shall be filled by election as soon as practicable after such vacancy occurs. Provided that, if the casual vacancy occur within the period of sixty days before the date fixed by these regulations for the holding of the first or any triennial election of elective members of the Board, no election need be held to fill such casual vacancy unless the Board shall otherwise direct.

4.Advertising for nominations

At least twenty‑eight days before the date of any election the Registrar of the Board shall advertise once at least in the Government Gazette and once at least in a newspaper published in Perth, a notice drawing attention to such election and requiring nominations of candidates to be forwarded to the Registrar of the Board not later than eighteen days before the date of the election.


Every person desiring and being qualified to become an elective member of the Board shall, not less than eighteen days before the date of an election, forward to the Registrar written notice of his intention to seek election, countersigned by at least two persons entitled to vote at such election: such notice to be in the hands of the Registrar by 12 o’clock (noon) on the closing date for nominations.

6.Nominees elected, if unopposed

If there be no more candidates than the number of vacancies, such candidates shall be declared elected.

7.Ballot papers

If there be more candidates than the number of vacancies at any election the Registrar shall, at least ten days before the date of election, post to each person entitled to vote a ballot paper containing the names, addresses, and occupations of all candidates and setting out the terms of Regulation 8, and shall initial each of such papers, and, together with such ballot paper, the Registrar shall enclose and post a separate envelope, with the name and address of the Registrar printed thereon.


(1)The names of the candidates for whom a voter desires to vote shall be left intact and the remaining names scored through with a pen or pencil. If the number of names left intact upon any voting paper be greater or less than the number of members to be elected, or if any mark or writing other than above appear thereon which in the opinion of the Returning Officer will enable any person to identify the voter, the vote given on and by such paper shall be void and of no effect and shall not be counted by the President.

(2)The voter shall enclose such voting paper in the envelope posted to him by the Registrar and shall stamp and post the same or deliver the same so that it shall be received by the Registrar not later than 12 o’clock (noon) on the day fixed for holding such election.

9.Counting of votes

(1)All ballot papers shall be opened by the President, at the Office of the Board, at 12 o’clock (noon) on the day of election, in the presence of any person entitled to vote, who may attend at such time and place, and the candidates receiving the largest number of votes shall be declared elected and shall take office on the first day of January following, in the case of the first or a triennial election, but in the case of a casual vacancy, shall take office forthwith.

(2)In the case of an equality of votes the President shall give a second or casting vote.

10.Irregularity not to invalidate election

The omission by the Registrar to send or post to, or the non‑receipt of any ballot paper by any person entitled to vote within the time aforesaid, or at all, shall not in any manner invalidate or affect the election.



1This is a compilation of the Dental Board Elections Regulations. The following table contains information about those regulations.

Compilation table




Dental Board Elections Regulations

16 Feb 1940 p. 232‑3

16 Feb 1940

These regulations were repealed by the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law (WA) Act 2010 s. 15(2)(b) (No. 35 of 2010) as at 18 Oct 2010 (see s. 2(b) and Gazette 1 Oct 2010 p. 5075-6)