Child Welfare Regulations 1977

Reprinted as at 26 April 2000


Reprinted under the Reprints Act 1984 as at 26 April 2000

Western Australia

Child Welfare Act 1947

Child Welfare Regulations 1977

Part I  Preliminary

[Heading inserted in Gazette 17 June 1983 p.1867.]


These regulations may be cited as the Child Welfare Regulations 1977 1.


[Omitted under the Reprints Act 1984 s.7(4)(f).]


In these regulations — 

Metropolitan area means that part of the State comprised within the metropolitan region as defined in the Third Schedule to the Town Planning and Development Act 1928.

[Regulation 3 amended in Gazette 24 November 1989 pp.4331‑2; 31 December 1993 p.6875; 3 March 1995 p.870.]

[4. Repealed in Gazette 24 November 1989 p.4332.]

[Parts II, III and IIIA repealed in Gazette 3 March 1995 p.870.]

Part IV  Miscellaneous

[Heading inserted in Gazette 17 June 1983 p.1868.]

13.Notice of detention in hospital

(1)A Medical Officer in charge of a hospital, or his deputy, who has ordered that a child be detained in hospital pursuant to section 29(3a) of the Act shall by telephone inform — 

(a)in the Metropolitan area, the supervisor of the Division of the Department responsible for the area in which the child resides during working hours or the officer at the Emergency AFTER HOURS Number of the Crisis Care Unit of the Department outside working hours;

(b)outside the Metropolitan area, the senior officer at the local Divisional or District Office of the Department,

of the name and address of the child and the circumstances surrounding its admission to hospital.

(2)The officer informed shall allocate an officer of the Department to handle the case and the officer allocated shall forthwith inform the Medical Officer that he has been allocated and request written particulars.

(3)The Medical Officer shall forward to the officer allocated within 24 hours a notice in writing containing the following particulars, so far as they are known to him — 

(a)the name and sex of the child;

(b)the date and place of birth of the child;

(c)names of the parents or caretakers of the child;

(d)addresses and telephone numbers of the parents or caretakers of the child;

(e)full particulars of all injuries or ill‑health observed; and

(f)particulars of any relevant medical history.

(4)The officer allocated shall forthwith investigate the circumstances of the child and shall after consultation with the Medical Officer inform the Medical Officer by notice in writing whether he has apprehended the child or that the child may be discharged from the hospital.

[Regulation 13 amended in Gazette 24 November 1989 p.4333.]

14.Appeal as to licensing of foster parents

An appeal to the Minister against a decision of the Director‑General made pursuant to section 112(4) of the Act shall be made within 30 days of the date the licence was cancelled and shall be in writing setting out the grounds for appeal.

[Regulation 14 amended in Gazette 24 November 1989 p.4333.]

15.Audit of children’s wage accounts

Accounts to which section 54 of the Act applies shall be audited at least once in each period of 12 consecutive months.

[Schedule repealed in Gazette 24 November 1989 p.4333.]




1This reprint is a compilation as at 26 April 2000 of the Child Welfare Regulations 1977 and includes the amendments referred to in the following Table.

Table of Regulations





Child Welfare Regulations 1977

6 December 1977 pp.4471‑98

6 December 1977


Child Welfare Amendment Regulations 1980

23 January 1981 p.390

23 January 1981


Child Welfare Amendment Regulations 1983

17 June 1983 pp.1867‑8

1 July 1983 (see regulation 2 and Gazette 17 June 1983 p.1867)


Child Welfare Amendment Regulations 1988

16 December 1988 pp.4869‑71

16 December 1988


Child Welfare Amendment Regulations 1989

24 November 1989 pp.4331‑3

1 December 1989 (see regulation 2 and Gazette 24 November 1989 p.4327)


Child Welfare Amendment Regulations 1992

16 April 1992


16 April 1992


Child Welfare Amendment Regulations 1993

31 December 1993 p.6875

31 December 1993


Child Welfare Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 1993

31 December 1993 p.6877

31 December 1993


Young Offenders Regulations 1995, regulation 47

3 March 1995


13 March 1995 (see regulation 2 and Gazette 10 March 1995 p.895)











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