Health (Notification of Lead Poisoning) Regulations 1985

Reprint 1: The regulations as at 2 April 2004

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Reprinted under the Reprints Act 1984 as

at 2 April 2004

Health (Notification of Lead Poisoning) Regulations 1985





4.Lead poisoning a prescribed condition of health2

5.Notification by medical practitioner2

6.Fee for notification2


Compilation table3




Reprinted under the Reprints Act 1984 as

at 2 April 2004

Health Act 1911

Health (Notification of Lead Poisoning) Regulations 1985


These regulations may be cited as the Health (Notification of Lead Poisoning) Regulations 1985 1.


These regulations shall come into operation on the day of publication of the Health — Infectious Diseases Order (No. 2) 1985 1.


In these regulations unless the contrary intention appears — 

“lead poisoning” means acute or chronic poisoning by taking of lead into the body.

4.Lead poisoning a prescribed condition of health

Lead poisoning is prescribed as a condition of health to which Part IXA applies.

5.Notification by medical practitioner

(1)Where a medical practitioner attends a person who is or may be suffering from lead poisoning the medical practitioner shall notify the Executive Director, Public Health upon the day on which he becomes aware of the person’s condition.

(2)Notice given under subregulation (1) in respect of any person shall be in writing and include — 

(a)the full name, address and occupation of the person;

(b)sex and date of birth of the person;

(c)the date of presentation of the person and the grounds for diagnosis of lead poisoning or diagnosis of suspected lead poisoning; and

(d)the known or suspected source of the lead poisoning.

(3)A medical practitioner who contravenes subregulation (1) commits an offence and is liable to a penalty which is not more than $1 000 and not less than — 

(a)in the case of a first offence, $100;

(b)in the case of a second offence, $200; and

(c)in the case of a third or subsequent offence, $500.

[Regulation 5 amended in Gazette 23 Dec 1988 p. 4972.]

6.Fee for notification

A fee of $2 is payable by the Minister to the medical practitioner in respect of each notice received by the Executive Director, Public Health under regulation 4 except that no fee shall be payable where a medical practitioner is a salaried employee of a government or public institution.




1This reprint is a compilation as at 2 April 2004 of the Health (Notification of Lead Poisoning) Regulations 1985 and includes the amendments made by the other written laws referred to in the following table. The table also contains information about any reprint.

Compilation table




Health (Notification of Lead Poisoning) Regulations 1985

24 May 1985 p. 1760

24 May 1985 (see r. 2 and Gazette 24 May 1985 p. 1759)

Health (Offences and Penalties) Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 1988 Pt. 8

23 Dec 1988 p. 4970-5

23 Dec 1988

Reprint 1: The Health (Notification of Lead Poisoning) Regulations 1985 as at 2 Apr 2004 (includes amendments listed above)

























By Authority: JOHN A. STRIJK, Government Printer