Juries Act 1957

Jury Pools Regulations 1982

Reprint 1: The regulations as at 19 December 2003

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Reprinted under the Reprints Act 1984 as

at 19 December 2003

Jury Pools Regulations 1982


1. Citation1

2. Commencement1

3. Interpretation1

4. Summons1

5. Pool precept1

6. Indication of presence2

7. Failure to indicate presence2

8. Failure to attend2

9. Selection of jurors2



Compilation table5




Reprinted under the Reprints Act 1984 as

at 19 December 2003

Juries Act 1957

Jury Pools Regulations 1982

1. Citation

These regulations may be cited as the Jury Pools Regulations 1982 1.

2. Commencement

These regulations shall come into operation on the day on which Part VB of the Juries Act 1957 comes into operation 1.

3. Interpretation

In these regulations, unless the contrary intention appears — 

Act means the Juries Act 1957.

4. Summons

A summons issued under section 32D of the Act shall be in the form of Form 1 in the Schedule.

5. Pool precept

A pool precept issued under section 32G of the Act shall be in the form of Form 2 in the Schedule.

6. Indication of presence

The jury pool supervisor shall in the jury assembly room at or as soon as practicable after the time specified in a summons issued under section 32D of the Act call the name of each person summoned and the person whose name is called shall answer to his or her name.

7. Failure to indicate presence

If a person who has been summoned under section 32D of the Act fails to answer to his or her name as required by regulation 6 the jury pool supervisor shall call his or her name again and if he or she does not answer the jury pool supervisor shall cause that name to be called 3 times in the immediate precincts of the jury assembly room.

8. Failure to attend

The jury pool supervisor shall report to the sheriff as soon as practicable the name of every person who has failed to attend in pursuance of a summons issued under section 32D of the Act.

9. Selection of jurors

The selection of jurors by ballot pursuant to section 32H(1) of the Act shall take place prior to the time specified in the pool precept and in sufficient time to ensure compliance with section 32H(2) of the Act.



[Regs. 4, 5]

Form 1

Juries Act 1957



You are hereby summoned to attend at the Jury Assembly Room on
the day of 20 at a.m. to serve as a juror at the Criminal Sittings of the Supreme Court and of the District Court and there to attend from day to day until you shall be discharged.

Dated theday of 20 .


Form 2

Juries Act 1957



You are hereby required to allocate the undermentioned number of jurors from the pool of jurors in accordance with the information contained in this precept.


(here insert Supreme Court or District Court)

No. of jurors required

Date and time required

Place of attendance

Dated atthis day of20 .

Judge or person appointed by
him under section 32G(1)




1This is a reprint as at 19 December 2003 of the Jury Pools Regulations 1982. The following table contains information about these regulations and any reprint.

Compilation table




Jury Pools Regulations 1982

26 Mar 1982 p. 1067‑8

26 Mar 1982 2 (see r. 2 and Gazette 12 Mar 1982 p. 801)

Reprint 1: The Jury Pools Regulations 1982 as at 19 Dec 2003

2The commencement date of 12 Mar 1982 that was specified was before the date of gazettal.



























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