Agricultural Produce Commission Act 1988

Agricultural Produce (Beekeeping Industry) Regulations 2003


Agricultural Produce (Beekeeping Industry) Regulations 2003




3.Publication of notice of charge1

4.Liability to pay charge2

5.Payment of charge2

6.Unpaid charges2


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Agricultural Produce Commission Act 1988

Agricultural Produce (Beekeeping Industry) Regulations 2003


These regulations may be cited as the Agricultural Produce (Beekeeping Industry) Regulations 2003.


In these regulations, unless the context otherwise requires —

beekeeper means a person whose business is or includes keeping bees;

charge —

(a)means the charge imposed on beekeepers under section 14(1) of the Act; and

(b)in relation to a year, means the amount of the charge determined by the Commission in relation to the year under section 14(2) of the Act.

3.Publication of notice of charge

Notice of the determination and amount of a charge imposed for a year under section 14 of the Act is to be published, in a newspaper circulating in the State, at least 14 days before the charge is due for payment under regulation 4(2).

4.Liability to pay charge

(1)A beekeeper is liable to pay the charge for each year for which the service to which the charge relates is to be provided under a determination under section 14 of the Act.

(2)The charge for a year is due for payment on 1 January of that year.

(3)If the beekeeper is a company, the company and each director of the company are jointly and severally liable to pay the charge.

[Regulation 4 amended: Gazette 5 Feb 2013 p. 825.]

5.Payment of charge

(1)The charge is payable to the Director General of the Department of Agriculture.

(2)The Director General must forward to the Commission an amount equal to the amount of charge paid minus an amount by way of the cost of administering the collection of the charge.

6.Unpaid charges

If a beekeeper does not pay an amount of charge for which the beekeeper is liable, the unpaid amount is a debt due to the State and is recoverable from the beekeeper in a court of competent jurisdiction.



1This is a compilation of the Agricultural Produce (Beekeeping Industry) Regulations 2003 and includes the amendments made by the other written laws referred to in the following table.

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Agricultural Produce (Beekeeping Industry) Regulations 2003

9 Jan 2004 p. 85-6

9 Jan 2004

Agricultural Produce (Beekeeping Industry) Amendment Regulations 2013

5 Feb 2013 p. 825

r. 1 and 2: 5 Feb 2013 (see r. 2(a));
Regulations other than r. 1 and 2: 1 May 2013 (see r. 2(b)(i) and Gazette 5 Feb 2013 p. 823)



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