Perth Theatre Trust Amendment Act 2015


Perth Theatre Trust Amendment Act 2015


1.Short title2


3.Act amended2

4.Section 16 amended2

5.Section 23 amended2


Perth Theatre Trust Amendment Act 2015

No. 7 of 2015

An Act to amend the Perth Theatre Trust Act 1979.

[Assented to 9 March 2015]


The Parliament of Western Australia enacts as follows:


1.Short title

This is the Perth Theatre Trust Amendment Act 2015.


This Act comes into operation as follows —

(a)sections 1 and 2 — on the day on which this Act receives the Royal Assent;

(b)the rest of the Act — on a day fixed by proclamation, and different days may be fixed for different provisions.

3.Act amended

This Act amends the Perth Theatre Trust Act 1979.

4.Section 16 amended

(1)Before section 16(1) insert:


(1A)In this section —

activity includes an event, performance or production;

business arrangement means a company, a partnership, a trust, a joint venture, an arrangement or agreement for sharing profits or an arrangement or agreement for sponsorship;

participate in a business arrangement includes form, promote, establish, enter into, manage, dissolve, wind‑up and do anything incidental to the business arrangement;

promoting, in relation to an activity, includes attracting, organising, commissioning, funding, investing in, supporting, marketing, advertising and acting as project manager.


(2)After section 16(1)(a) insert:


(ba)without limiting the generality of paragraph (a), promoting, or taking part in promoting, activities at Trust theatres; and


(3)After section 16(2)(c) insert:


(da)subject to subsection (3), participate in a business arrangement and acquire, hold and dispose of shares, units or other interests in or relating to a business arrangement;

(db)cooperate with, and provide funds and other assistance to, other bodies and to individuals;


(4)After section 16(2) insert:


(3)The Trust must not exercise a power conferred by subsection (2)(da) in relation to a business arrangement unless the terms and conditions of that business arrangement are terms and conditions approved by the Minister and the Treasurer in respect of —

(a)that business arrangement; or

(b)business arrangements of that class; or

(c)business arrangements generally.

(4)The Treasurer may, by written notice given to the Trust, exempt any business arrangement or class of business arrangement from the operation of subsection (3) either unconditionally or on specified conditions.

(5)A notice under subsection (4) may be revoked or amended by the Treasurer by written notice given to the Trust.


5.Section 23 amended

After section 23(5) insert:


(6A)Subsections (4) and (5) do not affect the operation of section 16.