Health Services (Quality Improvement) Act 1994

Health Services (Quality Improvement) Regulations 1995




Reprinted under the Reprints Act 1984 as

at 12 December 2003

Health Services (Quality Improvement) Regulations 1995





4.Application for approval as a quality improvement committee2

5.Publication of standards2


7.Safe custody3

8.Reports to governing body3

9.Information available to the public3

10.Reports to the Minister4


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Reprinted under the Reprints Act 1984 as

at 12 December 2003

Health Services (Quality Improvement) Act 1994

Health Services (Quality Improvement) Regulations 1995


These regulations may be cited as the Health Services (Quality Improvement) Regulations 1995 1.


These regulations come into operation on the day on which the Health Services (Quality Improvement) Act 1994 comes into operation 1.


In these regulations, unless the contrary intention appears — 

Committee means a committee that is declared to be an approved quality improvement committee under section 7(1) of the Act;

Department means the department principally assisting the Minister in the administration of the Act.

4.Application for approval as a quality improvement committee

(1)Where the governing body of a committee wishes that committee to be declared to be an approved quality improvement committee under section 7(1) of the Act the governing body shall make application to the Minister.

(2)An application to the Minister under subregulation (1) shall be — 

(a)made in writing in a form approved by the Minister; and

(b)accompanied by such further information as the Minister may require.

(3)For the purpose of ascertaining whether a declaration is to be made under section 7(1) of the Act or for the purpose of determining the period for which approval is to be granted under that section the Minister may by notice in writing require a governing body making application under subregulation (1) to furnish the Minister, within such reasonable time as may be specified in that notice, with such information specified in the notice as that governing body may be able to give.

5.Publication of standards

Standards determined by the Minister for the purposes of section 9(1) of the Act shall be — 

(a)published in the Gazette; and

(b)made available free of charge at the offices of the Department during the usual hours of business of the Department.


(1)A Committee is to cause accurate minutes to be kept of each meeting of the Committee.

(2)The minutes of a meeting shall be submitted to the members of a Committee for confirmation at the next subsequent meeting of the Committee and when confirmed shall be signed by the Chairperson or person presiding at that meeting.

7.Safe custody

A Committee is to cause any reports furnished to, information made available to, or documents used in the preparation of reports by, the Committee to be kept in safe custody.

8.Reports to governing body

Where a matter is referred to a Committee by the governing body by which it was established the Committee is to — 

(a)at the completion of the assessment or evaluation of the matter; or

(b)at such earlier time as so directed by the governing body,

submit a report on that matter to that governing body.

9.Information available to the public

(1)A Committee is to make available to the public at least once in each period of 12 months, by such means as is determined by the governing body which established the Committee, a report containing the following information — 

(a)the services which have been assessed and evaluated by the Committee during that period;

(b)any action taken (described in general terms) as a result of the assessment and evaluation referred to in paragraph (a); and

(c)if known at the time of preparation of the report, any results of the action referred to in paragraph (b).

(2)If subregulation (1)(c) cannot be complied with the Committee is to make the results referred to in that subregulation available to the public in the report made under this regulation next following the time that those results are known to the Committee.

10.Reports to the Minister

Each Committee and each Mortality Committee (as defined in and for the purposes of section 14 of the Act) is to furnish to the Minister at least once annually or more often if so directed by the Minister, a report including the following information — 

(a)details of the reports made available to the public under regulation 10 during the relevant period and the manner in which the reports were made available;

(b)a statement indicating whether or not the exercise of the functions of the Committee has been and will continue to be facilitated by the provision of the immunities and protections afforded by the Act; and

(c)a statement indicating whether or not it has been and will continue to be in the public interest to restrict disclosure of information compiled by the Committee in the course of the performance of the Committee’s functions.



1This is a reprint as at 12 December 2003 of the Health Services (Quality Improvement) Regulations 1995. The following table contains information about these regulations and any reprint.

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Health Services (Quality Improvement) Regulations 1995

5 Sep 1995 p. 4160‑2

6 Sep 1995 (see r. 2 and Gazette 5 Sep 1995 p. 4159)

Reprint 1: The Health Services (Quality Improvement) Regulations 1995 as at 12 Dec 2003



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