Parliamentary Commissioner Act 1971

Parliamentary Commissioner Rules 1998


Parliamentary Commissioner Rules 1998




3.Delegation to Deputy Commissioner, Assistant Commissioner and special officers1

4.Matters to be considered by Commissioner2


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Parliamentary Commissioner Act 1971

Parliamentary Commissioner Rules 1998


These rules may be cited as the Parliamentary Commissioner Rules 1998 1.


In these rules — 

Assistant Commissioner means the officer of the Commissioner styled Assistant Parliamentary Commissioner;

special officer means an investigating officer, a legal officer or any other officer of the Commissioner occupying a position not lower in classification than an investigating officer or a legal officer.

3.Delegation to Deputy Commissioner, Assistant Commissioner and special officers

For the purposes of section 11(1) of the Act, the Commissioner is authorised to delegate the performance of any of the functions of the Commissioner under the Act, other than the power to delegate under section 11 or to make any report or recommendation under the Act, to the Deputy Commissioner, the Assistant Commissioner or a special officer of the Commissioner.

4.Matters to be considered by Commissioner

The Commissioner, in delegating any function under these rules, is to have regard to the experience, qualifications and suitability of the person to whom the function is to be delegated and, where appropriate, the seniority and status of a person to whom a particular investigation relates.

[5.Omitted under the Reprints Act 1984 s. 7(4)(f).]



1This is a compilation of the Parliamentary Commissioner Rules 1998. The following table contains information about those rules and any reprint.

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Parliamentary Commissioner Rules 1998

30 Apr 1999 p. 1818‑19

30 Apr 1999 (see Gazette 30 Apr 1999 p. 1819) 2

Reprint 1: The Parliamentary Commissioner Rules 1998 as at 11 Mar 2005

2The commencement date of 21 Apr 1999 that was specified was before the date of gazettal.



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Assistant Commissioner2

special officer2