Parks and Reserves Act 1895

Pemberton National Park and Recreational Reserve By-laws


Pemberton National Park and Recreational Reserve By-laws

























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Parks and Reserves Act 1895

Pemberton National Park and Recreational Reserve By-laws


These By-laws shall operate over Reserve No. 19857, set apart for National Park and Recreation, at Pemberton, and comprising Nelson Location 7350, and the area bounded on the North by Nelson Locations 8222, 8221, 7257, and the prolongation Westward of the Southern boundary of Nelson Location 8222 aforesaid, on the East by the surveyed road and Location 7257 to the railway crossing, on the South by Nelson Locations 7360 and 972, and on the West by Lefroy Brook and also over any other reserved vested in the Board from time to time for the purposes of national park and recreation.

[By-law 1 amended: Gazette 8 Dec 1960 p. 3912.]


In these by-laws unless the context requires otherwise —

Board means the Pemberton national Park Board constituted under the provisions of subsection (4) of section 3 of the Act;

permission means the permission in writing of the Board first obtained;

Reserve means the National Park and Recreation Reserve No. 19857; and includes every other reserve vested in the Board from time to time for the purposes of national park and recreation;

the Act means the Parks and Reserves Act 1893, as amended from time to time.

[By-law 1A inserted: Gazette 8 Dec 1960 p. 3912.]


The common seal of the Board shall —

(a)bear the words, “Pemberton National Park Board”;

(b)be affixed by virtue of a resolution at a regular meeting of the Board and in the presence of two members of the Board; and

(c)be kept in the custody of the Secretary of the Board, or such other person as the Board may authorise.

[By-law 1B inserted: Gazette 8 Dec 1960 p. 3913.]


Subject to the provisions of these By-laws the Reserve shall be open t other public at all times free of charge, except during entertainments, or on other special occasions, when permission, being first obtained, fees for admission, namely, adults 2s., children 6d., may be charges. The Board reserves the right to make an annual charge of 5s. per head for all users of the swimming pool situated and included in the Reserve.


No person shall play, practise, or indulge in any sport, game, or entertainment upon the reserve without permission.


Any person found committing any breach of these By-laws may be removed from the Reserve by a police constable, or any member, officer, or servant of the Board and may be debarred by the Board for such period as the Board thinks fit from entering upon any Reserve.

[By-law 4 amended: Gazette 8 Dec 1960 p. 3913.]


No person shall sell or expose for sale goods or merchandise no the reserve without permission.


No person shall carry or discharge firearms through or on the Reserve, or shoot, snare, or destroy any birds or animals, except as in the next paragraph mentioned.


No person shall cause, allow, or suffer any stock to enter, stray, or feed upon the Reserve without permission, and all dogs, goats, and poultry found within the reserve may be destroyed by any of the persons hereinafter referred to as being authorised to prosecute for the breaches of this By-law, and the owner shall make compensation, to be recovered before any Justice of the Peace, for any damage done by such dogs, goats, or poultry.


No person shall pluck any of the wild or cultivated flowers, plants, shrubs, or trees, or walk on the beds or borders, or pull up or dig or otherwise disturb any grass, or climb upon or get through or over the fences, or remove or injure any of the gates, turnstiles, fences, buildings, or flags, or disturb, damage or destroy any of the property or things with in the bounds of the Reserve.


During the constructing, building, making, repairing, or maintaining of any beds, borders or greens, links, or buildings, or other improvements, no person shall interfere with the workmen, gardeners, caretakers, or rangers, or do or cause to be done any act which will or may be likely to interfere with or prevent such constructing, building, making, repairing, or maintaining.


No person shall camp on the reserve without permission.


All bathers shall wear such costumes as shall preserve all decency and be in accord with the requirements of the Board, as presented by notice posted on the reserve by the Board.


the use of soap in the said swimming pool is prohibited.


Dogs shall not be permitted to enter into, nor shall sticks, stones, rubbish, or any matter be thrown into the said swimming pool or other water situated in the Reserve.


No canoe shall be placed or used on the said swimming pool without permission, and then must be provided with a float attached to a suitable rope.


Rubbish must not be left lying about the Reserve, but must be deposited in receptacles provided for that purpose.


No fire shall be lit on any part of the Reserve, except in the places set apart by the Board.


All persons using the Reserve shall behave with decency and decorum; any person in a state of intoxication or misconducting himself or herself shall be liable to be removed from the Reserve and debarred by the Board for such period as the Board thinks fit from entering upon any Reserve.

[By-law 17 amended: Gazette 8 Dec 1960 p. 3913.]


In the event of the lease or permit of the reserve being granted to any person or persons or club for the purpose of enabling any particular game or games to be established on the Reserve, then, so long as such lease or permit remains in force, no game shall be played on the Reserve which may prevent, hamper, interfere, or compete with such person or persons or club in the use of the Reserve for the purposes set for the in such lease or permit, and no person shall do or cause to be done anything which will or may be likely to interfere or compete with such person or persons or club in any manner in commencing, playing, or carrying on such game or games.


Any member of the Board, or any person authorised in writing by the Board, or in the event of the Reserve being leased to any persons, persons, or club, such lessee or permit-holder shall have power to enforce these By-laws and take any proceedings thereunder at any time.


Any person committing a breach of any of the provisions of these by-laws shall be liable on summary conviction to a penalty not exceeding twenty pounds.

[By-law 20 inserted: Gazette 8 Dec 1960 p. 3913.]



1This is a compilation of the Pemberton National Park and Recreational Reserve By-laws. The following table contains information about those by-laws.

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Pemberton National Park and Recreational Reserve By-laws

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