Physiotherapists Act 1950

Physiotherapists Registration Board Rules 1952

These rules were repealed by the Physiotherapists Act 2005 s. 107 (No. 32 of 2005) as at 23 Feb 2007 (see s. 2 and Gazette 20 Feb 2007 p. 505)



Physiotherapists Registration Board Rules 1952


Part I


1A.Ordinary meetings1

2.Special meetings1

4.Notice of meetings2

5.Absence of quorum2


7.Meeting procedure2

8.Order of business3

9.Written resolutions4

10.Rescission of resolutions4


Part II

12.Board to appoint Registrar5

13.Duties of Registrar5

14.Hours of office5

15.Consultation; keeping of documents5


17.Monthly statement5


19.Board may impose other duties6

Part III


21.Registrar to maintain Register7

22.Notification of change of address7

23.Updating Register8

Part IV

24.Fees and charges9

Part V

25.Who may make a complaint10

26.How to make a complaint10

27.Notification of physiotherapist10


46.Common seal11


Compilation table12

Provisions that have not come into operation13


Physiotherapists Act 1950

Physiotherapists Registration Board Rules 1952

Part I



These rules may be cited as the Physiotherapists Registration Board Rules 1952 1.

[Rule 1 inserted in Gazette 23 Nov 1984 p. 3761.]

Meetings and proceedings of the Board

1A.Ordinary meetings

The ordinary meeting of the Board shall be held on the third Friday of each month at such time and place as the Board may appoint. Provided that should the third Friday of any month fall on a public holiday or for any other sufficient reason, the Board may, by resolution appoint some other day to be the day on which the ordinary meeting in that month shall be held.

[Rule 1A, formerly rule 1, renumbered as rule 1A in Gazette 18 Jan 2000 p. 307.]

2.Special meetings

A special meeting of the Board shall be summoned by the Registrar on the written requisition of the Chairman or of any 3 members. Such meeting shall be held within 7 days of the receipt of the requisition by the Registrar.

[3.Repealed in Gazette 30 Dec 2004 p. 6984.]

4.Notice of meetings

In the case of ordinary meetings, 7 days, and in the case of special meetings, 3 days notice in writing shall be given by the Registrar of every meeting. The notice shall indicate briefly the business to be transacted.

[Rule 4 amended in Gazette 30 Dec 2004 p. 6984.]

5.Absence of quorum

If at the expiration of 15 minutes after the time appointed for any meeting there is not a quorum present, the meeting of the Board and all business shall stand adjourned to the next meeting.


(1)The Board may from time to time appoint from among themselves a committee, of not less than 3, any 2 of whom shall form a quorum, to investigate and report to the Board on any matter. The Board may dissolve any committee and may remove any member thereof and appoint another member to fill the vacancy.

(2)The Chairman for the time being shall be ex officio a member of every committee so appointed and if present shall preside. In the absence of the Chairman the committee shall elect one of its members to preside.

7.Meeting procedure

(1)Notice of every motion or resolution intended to be proposed at any ordinary meeting shall be given to the Registrar in writing at least 14 days before the date set for the next ordinary meeting. Details shall be included in the business paper to be forwarded to each member prior to the meeting.

(2)Every motion proposed at any meeting shall be seconded before being discussed.

(3)Every question shall be decided on the voices unless any member demands a show of hands in which case the Chairman shall instruct that a show of hands be taken.

(4)The Chairman for the time being of the meeting shall have a deliberate vote and in the event of any equality of votes, a casting vote.

8.Order of business

The arrangement of the order of business for each ordinary meeting shall be as follows:

Reading of the minutes of the previous meeting.

Confirmation of minutes of previous meeting.

Registration of physiotherapists.

Recording of students.


Reports of committees.

Production of bank statement.

Accounts for payment.

Registrar’s statement.


Notices of motion.

General business.

Any other business that may be properly brought before the Board.

Provided that the Board may, by resolution, vary the order of business on the grounds of urgency or convenience.

9.Written resolutions

A resolution signed by all members of the Board shall be as valid and effectual as if it had been passed at a duly convened meeting.

10.Rescission of resolutions

No resolution arrived at or any act, matter or thing done or authorised by any meeting shall be rescinded or amended at any subsequent meeting unless notice of such intended rescission or amendment be given in the notice convening the meeting at which such rescission or amendment is proposed.


Minutes of every meeting shall be kept by the Registrar and such minutes when signed by the Chairman of the same or any subsequent meeting shall be binding and conclusive evidence for all purposes and before all courts of the proceedings at such meeting.

Part II

The Registrar

The Registrar shall:

12.Board to appoint Registrar

Be appointed by the Board and hold office subject to the rules and during the pleasure of the Board.

13.Duties of Registrar

Discharge the duties imposed upon the Registrar by the Act.

14.Hours of office

Be in attendance at his office for such hours and days as the Board may from time to time direct.

15.Consultation; keeping of documents

Consult the Chairman on any business requiring attention between the various meetings of the Board and be responsible for the safe custody of all documents and property belonging to the Board.


Find security to the satisfaction of the Board for the sum of $1 000.

[Rule 16 amended by No. 113 of 1965 s. 8(1).]

17.Monthly statement

Present to the Board a monthly statement showing the receipts and expenditure for the past month and prepare and present to the Board a yearly balance sheet in the month of July in every year.


Receive and be responsible for all moneys payable to the Board and bank same as soon as is practicable.

19.Board may impose other duties

Discharge such other duties as the Board may from time to time direct.

Part III

The Register of Physiotherapists and Record of Students


The Registrar shall keep a Register of Physiotherapists and a Record of Students in the form directed by the Board.

The following information shall be entered in the Register of Physiotherapists:




Date of Birth.


Qualifications necessary for registration. Additional qualifications.

Registered under Section Date.

Date removed from Register.

Reason for removal.

[Rule 20 amended in Gazette 6 Feb 1987 p. 322; 15 Dec 1989 p. 4544.]

21.Registrar to maintain Register

No entry shall be made in the Register by any person other than the Registrar. The Registrar shall make only such entries in the Register as the Board may direct.

22.Notification of change of address

Every physiotherapist shall notify the Registrar within 14 days of any change of address.

23.Updating Register

The Registrar shall from time to time erase the names of all physiotherapists who have died, and shall make such alterations and amendments to the Register as the Board may direct for the purpose of making the same an accurate record of the names, addresses and qualifications of the physiotherapists.

Part IV


24.Fees and charges

The following fees shall be charged and shall be payable on demand of the Registrar — 



(a)application for registration as a physiotherapist .........


(b)annual licence fee as a physiotherapist .......................


(c)application for an additional qualification to be registered .....................................................................


(d)restoration fee, where the Board has withdrawn a name for non‑payment of annual licence fee etc. ....


(e)restoration fee following voluntary withdrawal ..........


(f)application for a change to the particulars recorded in Register ...................................................................


(g)for an extract of entry in the Register ..........................


[Rule 24 inserted in Gazette 23 Nov 1984 p. 3761; amended in Gazette 24 Oct 1986 p. 3955; 9 Aug 1991 p. 4121; 18 Jan 2000 p. 307‑8.]

Part V

Complaints against physiotherapists

25.Who may make a complaint

A complaint against a physiotherapist may be initiated by any person or by resolution of the Board.

26.How to make a complaint

Any person who makes a complaint against a physiotherapist shall lodge with the Registrar a signed statement of the matters complained of and if required by the Board shall give such further particulars in writing and shall make such statutory declarations as to the facts as the Board shall require.

27.Notification of physiotherapist

On receipt of a complaint or on the passing of a resolution by the Board initiating a complaint the Registrar shall forthwith notify the physiotherapist concerned and call on him to lodge with the Registrar within 7 days an answer to such complaint.

[Rule 27 amended in Gazette 30 Dec 2004 p. 6984.]

[28-33.Repealed in Gazette 30 Dec 2004 p. 6984.]

[Parts VI and VII repealed in Gazette 15 Dec 1989 p. 4544.]



46.Common seal

(a)The Board may adopt a seal known as the Seal of the Board.

(b)Such seal shall be kept in the custody of the Registrar and deposited at the office of the Board.

(c)Such seal shall be affixed by the Registrar in the presence of the Chairman of the Board to any writing when authorised by a resolution of the Board and not otherwise.

[Part IX repealed in Gazette 15 Dec 1989 p. 4544.]



1This is a compilation of the Physiotherapists Registration Board Rules 1952 and includes the amendments made by the other written laws referred to in the following table 1a. The table also contains information about any reprint.

Compilation table




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Reprint 1: The Physiotherapists Registration Board Rules 1952 as at 9 May 2003 (includes amendments listed above)

Physiotherapists Registration Board Amendment Rules 2004

30 Dec 2004 p. 6984

1 Jan 2005 (see r. 2 and Gazette 31 Dec 2004 p. 7130)

These rules were repealed by the Physiotherapists Act 2005 s. 107 (No. 32 of 2005) as at 23 Feb 2007 (see s. 2 and Gazette 20 Feb 2007 p. 505)

1aOn the date as at which this compilation was prepared, provisions referred to in the following table had not come into operation and were therefore not included in this compilation. For the text of the provisions see the endnotes referred to in the table.

Provisions that have not come into operation

Short title

Number and Year



Physiotherapists Act 2005 s. 107

32 of 2005

12 Dec 2005

To be proclaimed (see s. 2)

2Now known as the Physiotherapists Registration Board Rules 1952; citation added (see note to r. 1).

3On the date as at which this compilation was prepared, the Physiotherapists Act 2005 s. 107 had not come into operation. It reads as follows:

107.Physiotherapists Regulations 1951 and Physiotherapists Registration Board Rules 1952 repealed

The Physiotherapists Regulations 1951 and Physiotherapists Registration Board Rules 1952 are repealed.