Health Services Act 2016

Health Services (Quadriplegic Centre) Order 2018


Health Services (Quadriplegic Centre) Order 2018




3.Terms used1

4.Governance of Quadriplegic Centre changed1


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Defined terms


Health Services Act 2016

Health Services (Quadriplegic Centre) Order 2018


This order is the Health Services (Quadriplegic Centre) Order 2018.


This order comes into operation as follows —

(a)clauses 1 and 2 — on the day on which this order is published in the Gazette;

(b)the rest of the order — on 1 January 2019.

3.Terms used

In this order —

Quadriplegic Centre means the body corporate mentioned in section 251(2) of the Act;

Quadriplegic Centre Order means section 251(2) of the Act, being a provision that by reason of section 251(4) of the Act has effect as if it were an order under section 32(1) of the Act.

4.Governance of Quadriplegic Centre changed

The Quadriplegic Centre Order is amended by changing the governance of the Quadriplegic Centre from a board governed provider to a chief executive governed provider.




1This is a compilation of the Health Services (Quadriplegic Centre) Order 2018. The following table contains information about that order.

Compilation table




Health Services (Quadriplegic Centre) Order 2018

30 Nov 2018 p. 4596-7

cl. 1 and 2: 30 Nov 2018 (see cl. 2(a));
Order other than cl. 1 and 2: 1 Jan 2019 (cee cl. 2(b))



Defined terms


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Quadriplegic Centre3

Quadriplegic Centre Order 3