Lotteries Commission Act 1990

Lotteries Commission Regulations 1991


Lotteries Commission Regulations 1991



2.Prescribed particulars for instant lotteries1


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Lotteries Commission Act 1990

Lotteries Commission Regulations 1991


These regulations may be cited as the Lotteries Commission Regulations 1991 1.

2.Prescribed particulars for instant lotteries

For the purposes of section 10(2a)(c)of the Act the following particulars are prescribed as particulars that are required to be stated in an application for a permit to conduct an instant lottery — 

(a)the procedure in accordance with which each stage of the instant lottery is to be conducted;

(b)how prizes are won in each stage of the instant lottery;

(c)whether non‑monetary prizes are to be offered, and if so the retail value of each such prize;

(d)whether previous unclaimed prizes are to be distributed as jackpot prizes, and if so — 

(i)how the jackpot will be calculated; and

(ii)the stage or stages at which the jackpot will be distributed;

(e)whether a part of the subscriptions received for the instant lottery is to be transferred to a fund for the provision of additional prizes in instant lotteries conducted by the Commission (the prize reserve fund) and, if so —

(i)the amount that is to be transferred to the prize reserve fund; and

(ii)the stage or stages at which and the manner in which the prize reserve fund is to be applied.

[Regulation 2 inserted: Gazette 23 Jul 1996 p. 3512‑13; amended: Gazette 19 Nov 2019 p. 4053.]

[3.Deleted: Gazette 23 Jul 1996 p. 3512.]



1This is a compilation of the Lotteries Commission Regulations 1991 and includes the amendments made by the other written laws referred to in the following table. The table also contains information about any reprint.

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Lotteries Commission Regulations 1991

12 Apr 1991 p. 1650

12 Apr 1991

Lotteries Commission Amendment Regulations 1991

19 Apr 1991 p. 1785‑6

19 Apr 1991

Lotteries Commission Amendment Regulations 1996

23 Jul 1996 p. 3512‑13

23 Jul 1996

Reprint 1: The Lotteries Commission Regulations 1991 as at 12 Sep 2003 (includes amendments listed above)

Lotteries Commission Amendment Regulations 2019

19 Nov 2019 p. 4052-3

r. 1 and 2: 19 Nov 2019 (see. r. 2(a));
Regulations other than r. 1 and 2: 20 Nov 2019 (see. r. 2(b))



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