Terrorism (Preventative Detention) Act 2006

Terrorism (Preventative Detention) Regulations 2011


Terrorism (Preventative Detention) Regulations 2011




3.Corresponding laws (s. 4(1) of the Act)1

4.Prescribed classes of persons (Act s. 45(14))2


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Terrorism (Preventative Detention) Act 2006

Terrorism (Preventative Detention) Regulations 2011


These regulations are the Terrorism (Preventative Detention) Regulations 2011.


These regulations come into operation as follows —

(a)regulations 1 and 2 — on the day on which these regulations are published in the Gazette;

(b)the rest of the regulations — on the day after that day.

3.Corresponding laws (s. 4(1) of the Act)

For the purposes of the definition of corresponding law in section 4(1) of the Act, the following are declared to be corresponding laws —

(a)the Terrorism (Extraordinary Temporary Powers) Act 2006 (Australian Capital Territory) Part 2;

(b)the Terrorism (Police Powers) Act 2002 (New South Wales) Part 2A;

(c)the Terrorism (Emergency Powers) Act (Northern Territory) Part 2B;

(d)the Terrorism (Preventative Detention) Act 2005 (Queensland);

(e)the Terrorism (Preventative Detention) Act 2005 (South Australia);

(f)the Terrorism (Preventative Detention) Act 2005 (Tasmania);

(g)the Terrorism (Community Protection) Act 2003 (Victoria) Part 2A.

4.Prescribed classes of persons (Act s. 45(14))

For the purposes of section 45(14) of the Act, the following classes of persons are prescribed —

(a)persons with experience in working with people from culturally or linguistically diverse backgrounds;

(b)persons with experience in working with Aboriginal people or Torres Strait Islanders.

[Regulation 4 inserted: SL 2020/26 r. 4.]




This is a compilation of the Terrorism (Preventative Detention) Regulations 2011 and includes amendments made by other written laws. For provisions that have come into operation see the compilation table.

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Terrorism (Preventative Detention) Regulations 2011


16 Sep 2011 p. 3767‑8

r. 1 and 2: 16 Sep 2011 (see r. 2(a))
Regulations other than r. 1 and 2: 17 Sep 2011 (see r. 2(b))

Terrorism (Preventative Detention) Amendment Regulations 2020


SL 2020/26
31 Mar 2020

r. 1 and 2: 31 Mar 2020 (see r. 2(a))
Regulations other than r. 1 and 2: 1 Apr 2020 (see r. 2(b))