District Court of Western Australia Act 1969

District Court (Jurisdiction) Regulations 2022


District Court (Jurisdiction) Regulations 2022




3.Offences excluded from Court’s criminal jurisdiction1


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District Court of Western Australia Act 1969

District Court (Jurisdiction) Regulations 2022


These regulations are the District Court (Jurisdiction) Regulations 2022.


These regulations come into operation as follows —

(a)regulations 1 and 2 — on the day on which these regulations are published in the Gazette;

(b)the rest of the regulations — on the day after that day.

3.Offences excluded from Court’s criminal jurisdiction

(1)For the purposes of section 42(2)(b) of the Act, the Court does not have jurisdiction to try an accused person charged with an indictable offence if —

(a)the maximum term of imprisonment that can be imposed in respect of the offence is life imprisonment; and

(b)the offence relates to 1 or more of the following matters —


(ii)genocide or crimes against humanity;

(iii)armed conflict or occupation arising out of armed conflict;

(iv)hostile activities outside Australia;

(v)nuclear explosions;

(vi)biological or chemical weapons;

(vii)treason, treachery, assisting the enemy or mutiny;


(ix)kidnapping or taking hostages;

(x)acts of piracy, seizure, detention, hijacking, violence, destruction, damage or interference, relating to aircraft, vessels, submarines or things attached to the seabed or relating to persons or things on them.

(2)Subregulation (1) does not apply to a crime under The Criminal Code section 392, 393 or 444.



This is a compilation of the District Court (Jurisdiction) Regulations 2022. For provisions that have come into operation see the compilation table.

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District Court (Jurisdiction) Regulations 2022

SL 2022/138 29 Jul 2022

r. 1 and 2: 29 Jul 2022 (see r. 2(a));
Regulations other than r. 1 and 2: 30 Jul 2022 (see r. 2(b))