W.A. Marine (Mercantile Marine) Regulations 1983


W.A. Marine (Mercantile Marine) Regulations 1983





4.Application of Code s. 41

5.Construction of Code2

6.Classification of vessels2



Compilation table3


Western Australian Marine Act 1982

W.A. Marine (Mercantile Marine) Regulations 1983


These regulations may be cited as the W.A. Marine (Mercantile Marine) Regulations 1983 1.


These regulations shall come into operation on 1 July 1983.


In these regulations, unless the contrary intention appears — 

appropriate tribunal means the Disciplinary Appeal Tribunal;

Authority means the chief executive officer; and

Code means the Uniform Shipping Laws Code adopted by the Marine and Ports Council of Australia and published in the Commonwealth of Australia Gazette on 11 May 1981.

[Regulation 3 amended in Gazette 11 Aug 1992 p. 3979.]

4.Application of Code s. 4

(1)Subject to subregulation (2), the provisions of section 4 of the Code are incorporated in these regulations and shall extend and apply to and in respect of all vessels and voyages to which the Act applies.

(2)The incorporation and application of section 4 of the Code by subregulation (1) is subject to the deletion of clause 2.1.

5.Construction of Code

In the construction of the Code as incorporated in these regulations, words and expressions defined in section 1 of the Code shall, unless otherwise provided by the Act or these regulations, have the meanings assigned in that section.

6.Classification of vessels

For the purposes of these regulations, vessels shall be classified in the manner provided by clause 6 of section 1 of the Code.


(1)A fee of $23 shall be payable in respect of the approval of a Superintendent to the engagement of a seaman.

(2)A fee of $23 shall be payable in respect of the attestation by a Superintendent of the discharge of a seaman.

[Regulation 7 amended in Gazette 1 Aug 1990 p. 3645; 26 Jul 1991 p. 3929; 30 Jun 1992 p. 2907; 14 Jun 1994 p. 2488.]



1This is a compilation of the W.A. Marine (Mercantile Marine) Regulations 1983 and includes the amendments made by the other written laws referred to in the following table.

Compilation table




W.A. Marine (Mercantile Marine) Regulations 1983

1 Jul 1983 p. 2184

1 Jul 1983 (see r. 2)

W.A. Marine (Mercantile Marine) Amendment Regulations 1990

1 Aug 1990 p. 3645

1 Aug 1990 (see r. 2)

W.A. Marine (Mercantile Marine) Amendment Regulations 1991

26 Jul 1991 p. 3929

1 Aug 1991 (see r. 2)

W.A. Marine Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 1992 Pt. 6

30 Jun 1992 p. 2905-9

1 Jul 1992 (see r. 2)

W.A. Marine Amendment Regulations 1992 Pt. 10

11 Aug 1992 p. 3976-80

11 Aug 1992

W.A. Marine Amendment Regulations 1994 Pt. 6

14 Jun 1994 p. 2486-93

1 Jul 1994 (see r. 2)

Reprint of the W.A. Marine (Mercantile Marine) Regulations 1983 as at 18 May 2001

(includes amendments listed above)