Bush Fires Act 1954

Bush Fires Amendment Regulations 2024



Bush Fires Amendment Regulations 2024




3.Regulations amended1

4.Regulation 24Y amended1

5.Regulations 24ZC to 24ZG deleted1


Bush Fires Act 1954

Bush Fires Amendment Regulations 2024

Made by the Governor in Executive Council.


These regulations are the Bush Fires Amendment Regulations 2024.


These regulations come into operation as follows —

(a)regulations 1 and 2 — on the day on which these regulations are published on the WA legislation website;

(b)the rest of the regulations — on the day after that day.

3.Regulations amended

These regulations amend the Bush Fires Regulations 1954.

4.Regulation 24Y amended

In regulation 24Y(2)(b) delete “to 24ZG.” and insert:


and 24ZB.


5.Regulations 24ZC to 24ZG deleted

Delete regulations 24ZC to 24ZG.

K. COLLERAN, Clerk of the Executive Council

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