Optical Dispensers Repeal Act 2006


Optical Dispensers Repeal Act 2006


1.           Short title                                                                         1

2.           Commencement                                                               2

3.           Repeals                                                                           2

4.           Health Professionals (Special Events Exemption) Act 2000 amended   2

5.           Optometrists Act 1940 amended                                      2





Optical Dispensers Repeal Act 2006

No. 11 of 2006

An Act to repeal the Optical Dispensers Act 1966 and to consequentially amend other Acts.


[Assented to 11 May 2006]



The Parliament of Western Australia enacts as follows:


1.           Short title

             This Act is the Optical Dispensers Repeal Act 2006.

2.           Commencement

             This Act comes into operation on the day on which it receives the Royal Assent.

3.           Repeals

     (1)    The Optical Dispensers Act 1966 is repealed.

     (2)    The Optical Dispensers Regulations are repealed.

4.           Health Professionals (Special Events Exemption) Act 2000 amended

     (1)    The amendments in this section are to the Health Professionals (Special Events Exemption) Act 2000*.

              [* Act No. 7 of 2000.]

     (2)    Section 3(1) is amended as follows:

                 (a)    in the definition of “health care services” by deleting “optical dispensers,”;

                 (b)    in the definition of “Health Registration Act” by deleting “Optical Dispensers Act 1966;”.

5.           Optometrists Act 1940 amended

     (1)    The amendments in this section are to the Optometrists Act 1940*.

              [* Reprint 3 as at 7 March 2003.

                 For subsequent amendments see Western Australian Legislation Information Tables for 2003, Table 1, p. 314-15.]

     (2)    Section 3 is amended after the definition of “Minister” by inserting —


“Optical appliance” means an appliance designed to correct, remedy or relieve any refractive abnormality or optical defect in sight, but does not include a haptic lens or corneal lens.


     (3)    Section 3 is amended by deleting the definition of “Optical dispensing” and inserting instead —


Optical dispensing means the interpretation and dispensing of prescriptions for optical appliances, and the taking of facial measurements for, and the fitting and sale of, optical appliances.





By Authority: JOHN A. STRIJK, Government Printer