Election of Senators Amendment Act 2007


Election of Senators Amendment Act 2007


1.           Short title                                                                         2

2.           Commencement                                                               2

3.           The Act amended                                                             3

4.           Section 3 amended                                                           3





Election of Senators Amendment Act 2007

No. 20 of 2007

An Act to amend the Election of Senators Act 1903.


[Assented to 4 September 2007]



The Parliament of Western Australia enacts as follows:

1.           Short title

             This is the Election of Senators Amendment Act 2007.

2.           Commencement

             This Act comes into operation as follows:

                 (a)    sections 1 and 2 — on the day on which this Act receives the Royal Assent;

                 (b)    the rest of the Act — on the day after that day.

3.           The Act amended

             The amendments in this Act are to the Election of Senators Act 1903*.

              [* Reprint 2 as at 16 May 2003.]

4.           Section 3 amended

             Section 3(1) is repealed and the following subsections are inserted instead —

    (1)    The date fixed for the close of the rolls shall be the third working day after the date of the writ.

                                 Note:  The Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 provides that names cannot be added to or removed from the rolls after the date of the writ except in very limited circumstances.

  (1a)    In subsection (1) —

    “working day has the meaning given in the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 section 155(2).