The Government of Western Australia

Acts in force and ceased

'P' List of Act titles

(Titles listed in red are ceased)
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Painters' Registration Act 1961061 of 1961 (10 Eliz. II No. 61)PDFWordHTML
Paper Mill Agreement Act 1960043 of 1960 (9 Eliz. II No. 43)PDFWordHTML
Parental Support and Responsibility Act 2008014 of 2008PDFWordHTML
Parks and Reserves Act 18951895 (59 Vict. No. 30)PDFWordHTML
Parliament (Qualification of Women) Act 1920007 of 1920 (11 Geo. V No. 7)PDFWordHTML
Parliamentary Allowances Act 1911033 of 1911 (1 Geo. V No. 44)PDFWordHTML
Parliamentary and Electorate Staff (Employment) Act 1992038 of 1992PDFWordHTML
Parliamentary Buildings Site Reserve Act 1965088 of 1965PDFWordHTML
Parliamentary Commissioner Act 1971064 of 1971PDFWordHTML
Parliamentary Papers Act 18911891 (54 Vict. No. 3)PDFWordHTML
Parliamentary Privileges Act [1891 (54 Vict. No. 4)]1891 (54 Vict. No. 4)PDFWordHTML
Parliamentary Privileges Act 18911891 (54 Vict. No. 4)PDFWordHTML
Parliamentary Superannuation Act 1948060 of 1948 (12 & 13 Geo. VI No. 60)PDFWordHTML
Parliamentary Superannuation Act 1970036 of 1970PDFWordHTML
Parole Orders (Transfer) Act 1984045 of 1984PDFWordHTML
Partnership Act 18951895 (59 Vict. No. 23)PDFWordHTML
Pawnbrokers and Second-hand Dealers Act 1994088 of 1994PDFWordHTML
Pawnbrokers' Ordinance 18601860 (24 Vict. No. 7)PDFWordHTML
Pay-roll Tax (Indigenous Wages) Rebate Act 2012027 of 2012PDFWordHTML
Pay-roll Tax Act 1971011 of 1971PDFWordHTML
Pay-roll Tax Act 2002047 of 2002PDFWordHTML
Pay-roll Tax Assessment Act 1971010 of 1971PDFWordHTML
Pay-roll Tax Assessment Act 2002048 of 2002PDFWordHTML
Pay-roll Tax Rebate Act 2010005 of 2010PDFWordHTML
Pay-roll Tax Rebate Act 2012026 of 2012PDFWordHTML
Pearling Act 1912045 of 1912 (3 Geo. V No. 26)PDFWordHTML
Pearling Act 1990088 of 1990PDFWordHTML
Pensioners (Rates Exemption) Act 1966058 of 1966PDFWordHTML
Pensioners (Rates Rebates and Deferments) Act 1966058 of 1966PDFWordHTML
Perpetual Trustees W.A. Ltd., Act 19221923 (13 Geo. V Prvt Act)PDFWordHTML
Perpetuation of Testimony Act 1842 (Imp)1842 (5 & 6 Vict. c. 69)PDFWordHTML
Perry Lakes Redevelopment Act 2005043 of 2005PDFWordHTML
Personal Property Securities (Commonwealth Laws) Act 2011041 of 2011PDFWordHTML
Perth and Tattersall's Bowling and Recreation Club (Inc.) Act 1979080 of 1979PDFWordHTML
Perth Anglican Church of Australia Collegiate School Act 18851885 (49 Vict. No. 19)PDFWordHTML
Perth Building Society (Merger) Act 1986083 of 1986PDFWordHTML
Perth Dental Hospital Land Act 1942009 of 1942 (6 Geo. VI No. 9)PDFWordHTML
Perth Diocesan Trustees (Special Fund) Act 1944025 of 1944 (8 & 9 Geo. VI No. 25)PDFWordHTML
Perth Hebrew Congregation Lands Act 1921025 of 1921 (12 Geo. V No. 25)PDFWordHTML
Perth International Centre for Application of Solar Energy Act 1994036 of 1994PDFWordHTML
Perth International Centre for Application of Solar Energy Repeal Act 2006043 of 2006PDFWordHTML
Perth Market (Disposal) Act 2015040 of 2015PDFWordHTML
Perth Market Act 1926055 of 1926 (17 Geo. V No. 55)PDFWordHTML
Perth Medical Centre Act 1966054 of 1966PDFWordHTML
Perth Mint Act 1970023 of 1970PDFWordHTML
Perth Parking Management (Taxing) Act 1999015 of 1999PDFWordHTML
Perth Parking Management Act 1999014 of 1999PDFWordHTML
Perth Protestant Orphanage Lands Sale Act1893 (56 Vict. Prvt Act)PDFWordHTML
Perth Regional Railway Act 1972101 of 1972PDFWordHTML
Perth Theatre Trust Act 1979079 of 1979PDFWordHTML
Perth Town Hall Act 1950067 of 1950 (14 & 15 Geo. VI No. 67)PDFWordHTML
Perth Town Hall Agreement Act 1953058 of 1953 (2 Eliz. II No. 58)PDFWordHTML
Perth-Joondalup Railway Act 1989045 of 1989PDFWordHTML
Petroleum (Registration Fees) Act 1967077 of 1967PDFWordHTML
Petroleum (Submerged Lands) Act 1982033 of 1982PDFWordHTML
Petroleum (Submerged Lands) Registration Fees Act 1982034 of 1982PDFWordHTML
Petroleum Act 1936036 of 1936 (1 Edw. VIII No. 36)PDFWordHTML
Petroleum Act 1967072 of 1967PDFWordHTML
Petroleum and Geothermal Energy Resources (Registration Fees) Act 1967077 of 1967PDFWordHTML
Petroleum and Geothermal Energy Resources Act 1967072 of 1967PDFWordHTML
Petroleum and Geothermal Energy Safety Levies Act 2011050 of 2011PDFWordHTML
Petroleum Pipelines Act 1969112 of 1969PDFWordHTML
Petroleum Products Pricing Act 1983001 of 1983PDFWordHTML
Petroleum Products Subsidy Act 1965012 of 1965PDFWordHTML
Petroleum Retailers Rights and Liabilities Act 1982105 of 1982PDFWordHTML
Petroleum Safety Act 1999019 of 1999PDFWordHTML
Petroleum Titles (Browse Basin) Act 2014030 of 2014PDFWordHTML
Pharmacy Act 1964072 of 1964 (13 Eliz. II No. 72)PDFWordHTML
Pharmacy Act 2010032 of 2010PDFWordHTML
Pharmacy and Poisons Act Compilation Act 1910007 of 1910 (1 Geo. V No. 7)PDFWordHTML
Phosphate Co-operative (W.A.) Ltd. Act 1974057 of 1974PDFWordHTML
Physiotherapists Act 1950075 of 1950 (14 & 15 Geo. VI No. 75)PDFWordHTML
Physiotherapists Act 2005032 of 2005PDFWordHTML
Pig Industry Compensation Act 1942038 of 1942 (6 & 7 Geo. VI No. 38)PDFWordHTML
Pig, Potato and Poultry Industries (Compensation Legislation) Repeal Act 2004040 of 2004PDFWordHTML
Pigment Factory (Australind) Agreement Act 1986092 of 1986PDFWordHTML
Pilbara Energy Project Agreement Act 1994007 of 1994PDFWordHTML
Pilbara Port Assets (Disposal) Act 2016052 of 2016PDFWordHTML
Pilots' Limitation of Liability Act 1962027 of 1962 (11 Eliz. II No. 27)PDFWordHTML
Planning and Development (Consequential and Transitional Provisions) Act 2005038 of 2005PDFWordHTML
Planning and Development Act 2005037 of 2005PDFWordHTML
Plant Diseases (Registration Fees) Act 1941033 of 1941 (5 & 6 Geo. VI No. 33)PDFWordHTML
Plant Diseases Act 1914023 of 1914 (5 Geo. V No. 23)PDFWordHTML
Plant Pests and Diseases (Eradication Funds) Act 1974076 of 1974PDFWordHTML
Plumbers Licensing Act 1995072 of 1995PDFWordHTML
Podiatrists Act 2005030 of 2005PDFWordHTML
Podiatrists Registration Act 1984004 of 1984PDFWordHTML
Poisons Act 1964070 of 1964 (13 Eliz. II No. 70)PDFWordHTML
Police (Medical and Other Expenses for Former Officers) Act 2008046 of 2008PDFWordHTML
Police Act 18921892 (55 Vict. No. 27)PDFWordHTML
Police Assistance Compensation Act 1964059 of 1964 (13 Eliz. II No. 59)PDFWordHTML
Pollution of Waters by Oil and Noxious Substances Act 1987014 of 1987PDFWordHTML
Port Authorities Act 1999022 of 1999PDFWordHTML
Port Hedland Port Authority Act 1970030 of 1970PDFWordHTML
Port Kennedy Development Act 2017008 of 2017PDFWordHTML
Port Kennedy Development Agreement Act 1992045 of 1992PDFWordHTML
Ports (Functions) Act 1993046 of 1993PDFWordHTML
Poseidon Nickel Agreement Act 1971059 of 1971PDFWordHTML
Potato Growing Industry Trust Fund Act 1947069 of 1947 (11 & 12 Geo. VI No. 69)PDFWordHTML
Poultry Industry (Trust Fund) Act 1948028 of 1948 (12 Geo. VI No. 28)PDFWordHTML
Presbyterian Church Act 1908002 of 1908 (8 Edw. VII No. 2)PDFWordHTML
Presbyterian Church Act 1976120 of 1976PDFWordHTML
Presbyterian Church Act Amendment Act 1919050 of 1919 (10 Geo. V No. 38)PDFWordHTML
Presbyterian Church Act Amendment Act 1924006 of 1924 (15 Geo. V No. 6)PDFWordHTML
Presbyterian Church of Australia Act 19011901 (1 Edw. VII No. 4)PDFWordHTML
Presbyterian Church of Australia Act 1970091 of 1970PDFWordHTML
Prescription Act 1832 (Imp)1832 (2 & 3 Will. IV c. 71)PDFWordHTML
Preston Road District Soldiers' Memorial Act 1918028 of 1918 (9 Geo. V No. 18)PDFWordHTML
Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1920021 of 1920 (11 Geo. V No. 21)PDFWordHTML
Prevention of Excessive Prices Act 1983001 of 1983PDFWordHTML
Prevention of Pollution of Waters by Oil Act 1960033 of 1960 (9 Eliz. II No. 33)PDFWordHTML
Printing and Publication of Parliamentary Papers - Protection Act [1891 (54 Vict. No. 3)]1891 (54 Vict. No. 3)PDFWordHTML
Prison at Fremantle (1851), repeal (1902)1902 (2 Edw. VII No. 7)PDFWordHTML
Prisoners (International Transfer) Act 2000010 of 2000PDFWordHTML
Prisoners (Interstate Transfer) Act 1983075 of 1983PDFWordHTML
Prisoners (Release for Deportation) Act 1989015 of 1989PDFWordHTML
Prisons Act 1903014 of 1903 (3 Edw. VII No. 14)PDFWordHTML
Prisons Act 1981115 of 1981PDFWordHTML
Private Hospitals and Health Services Act 1927023 of 1927 (18 Geo. V No. 23)PDFWordHTML
Private Railways (Level Crossings) Act 1966077 of 1966PDFWordHTML
Private Savings Bank Act 1924017 of 1924 (15 Geo. V No. 17)PDFWordHTML
Professional Combat Sports Act 1987002 of 1987PDFWordHTML
Professional Standards Act 1997022 of 1997PDFWordHTML
Prohibited Behaviour Orders Act 2010059 of 2010PDFWordHTML
Property Law Act 1969032 of 1969PDFWordHTML
Prostitution Act 2000017 of 2000PDFWordHTML
Protective Custody Act 2000050 of 2000PDFWordHTML
Psychologists Act 2005028 of 2005PDFWordHTML
Psychologists Registration Act 1976141 of 1976PDFWordHTML
Public and Bank Holidays Act 1972063 of 1972PDFWordHTML
Public Dental Hospital Land Act 1934038 of 1934 (25 Geo. V No. 37)PDFWordHTML
Public Education Act 18991899 (63 Vict. No. 3)PDFWordHTML
Public Education Endowment Act 1909032 of 1909 (9 Edw. VII No. 28)PDFWordHTML
Public Health Act 2016018 of 2016PDFWordHTML
Public Institutions and Friendly Societies Lands Improvement Act 18921892 (56 Vict. No. 7)PDFWordHTML
Public Institutions and Friendly Societies Lands Improvement Act 1892, Amendment Act 18931893 (57 Vict. No. 27)PDFWordHTML
Public Interest Disclosure Act 2003029 of 2003PDFWordHTML
Public Meetings and Processions Act 1984023 of 1984PDFWordHTML
Public Notaries Act 1979070 of 1979PDFWordHTML
Public Officers Act 18791879 (43 Vict. No. 1)PDFWordHTML
Public Order in Streets Act 1984023 of 1984PDFWordHTML
Public Sector Management Act 1994031 of 1994PDFWordHTML
Public Servants' Act 1915012 of 1915 (5 Geo. V No. 39)PDFWordHTML
Public Service Act 1904041 of 1904 (4 Edw. VII No. 16)PDFWordHTML
Public Service Act 1978086 of 1978PDFWordHTML
Public Service Appeal Board Act 1920014 of 1920 (11 Geo. V No. 14)PDFWordHTML
Public Service Arbitration Act 1966062 of 1966PDFWordHTML
Public Transport Authority Act 2003031 of 2003PDFWordHTML
Public Trustee Act 1941026 of 1941 (5 Geo. VI No. 26)PDFWordHTML
Public Works Act 19021902 (2 Edw. VII No. 47)PDFWordHTML
Purchasers' Protection Act 1933044 of 1933 (24 Geo. V No. 44)PDFWordHTML