The Government of Western Australia

About buying printed Western Australian legislation

This website enables you to shop online to purchase printed copies of Western Australian legislation from LitSupport Pty Ltd. LitSupport is the commercial printer that is the authorised supplier of printed copies of WA legislation.

To streamline orders for printed legislation, you can link directly from this website to the dedicated LitSupport online ordering system for Western Australian legislation.

Shopping cart icons on this website

All of the WA legislation that is available for online purchase has a shopping cart icon next to the title of the legislation.

By clicking on the icon, you will be redirected to the LitSupport website where you can place an order and set up an account if you wish. The system recognises which legislation you want to order and automatically adds it to your shopping cart. The cost, which is based on page numbers, is calculated automatically. You can add more than 1 item to your shopping cart by clicking on the ‘Add More’ button on the LitSupport site.

Documents without shopping cart icons

If you would like to purchase a printed copy of legislation that doesn’t have a shopping cart or you’d like a commercially printed copy of another document on this website, you will need to email LitSupport at with a specific request. In your email please mention the website page where the document appears. LitSupport will contact you to discuss your request and make arrangements — if necessary, they will also contact us directly.

Subscriptions to legislation

LitSupport also offers a range of subscription services for printed copies of Western Australian legislation. Please contact LitSupport directly at or email to enquire about subscriptions. They are also available to contact by phone on +61 8 9215 7333.

Official and unofficial versions of WA legislation

If a document on this website includes a statement of authority (that is, it includes a statement in the form “By authority: [Name], Government Printer” or a similar statement (such as “Printed by Authority of the Government”), a copy printed from the website by LitSupport is an official version. If a document does not include a statement of authority, a copy printed by LitSupport is not an official version.

Versions of Acts in force, and versions of subsidiary legislation in force, include amendments as at the currency start date of the version. These versions are not official versions unless they are identified as reprints. If you require an official version of an Act with its amendments (other than a reprint), or an official version of an item of subsidiary legislation with its amendments (other than a reprint), these cannot be ordered through the online ordering system. Contact LitSupport about ordering these versions.

Any problems or questions?

If you experience any problems on the LitSupport website or have any questions about purchasing printed copies of WA legislation, please contact LitSupport directly at, email or phone +61 8 9215 7333.