The Government of Western Australia

Acts in force and ceased

'S' List of Acts

(Titles listed in red are ceased)
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Sailors and Soldiers' Scholarship Fund Act 1938009 of 1938 (2 Geo. VI No. 9)PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Salaries and Allowances Act 1975027 of 1975PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Salaries and Allowances Tribunal Act 1975027 of 1975PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Sale of Goods Act 18951895 (59 Vict. No. 41)PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Sale of Goods (Vienna Convention) Act 1986088 of 1986PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Sale of Land Act 1970119 of 1970PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Sale of Tobacco Act 1916001 of 1917 (7 Geo. V No. 21)PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Sandalwood Act 1929027 of 1929 (20 Geo. V No. 25)PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
School Curriculum and Standards Authority Act 1997017 of 1997PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
School Education Act 1999036 of 1999PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Sea-Carriage Documents Act 1997006 of 1997PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Sea-Carriage of Goods Act 1909026 of 1909 (9 Edw. VII No. 22)PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Second-hand Dealers Act 1906010 of 1906 (6 Edw. VII No. 10)PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Securities Industry Act 1975099 of 1975PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Securities Industry (Application of Laws) Act 1981031 of 1981PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Securities Industry (Release of Sureties) Act 1977040 of 1977PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Security and Related Activities (Control) Act 1996027 of 1996PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Seeds Act 1981035 of 1981PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Sentence Administration Act 1995077 of 1995PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Sentence Administration Act 2003049 of 2003PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Sentence Administration (Interstate Transfer of Community Based Sentences) Act 2009005 of 2009PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Sentencing Act 1995076 of 1995PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Service and Execution of Process (Harbours) Ordinance 18551855 (18 Vict. No. 10)PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Settlement Agents Act 1981033 of 1981PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
SGIO Privatisation Act 1992049 of 1992PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Shark Bay Solar Salt Industry Agreement Act 1983067 of 1983PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Shearers' Accommodation Act 1912043 of 1912 (3 Geo. V No. 24)PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Shipping and Pilotage Act 1967017 of 1967PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Silicon (Kemerton) Agreement Act 1987093 of 1987PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Silicon (Picton) Agreement Act 1987093 of 1987PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Skeleton Weed (Eradication Fund) Act 1974076 of 1974PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Slander of Women Act 19001900 (64 Vict. No. 36)PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Sluicing and Dredging for Gold Act 18991899 (63 Vict. No. 43)PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Small Business Development Corporation Act 1983046 of 1983PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Small Business Guarantees Act 1984080 of 1984PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Small Claims Tribunals Act 1974069 of 1974PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Snowy Mountains Engineering Corporation Enabling Act 1971006 of 1971PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Soil and Land Conservation Act 1945015 of 1945 (9 & 10 Geo. VI No. 15)PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Soil Conservation Act 1945015 of 1945 (9 & 10 Geo. VI No. 15)PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Soil Fertility Research Act 1954051 of 1954 (3 Eliz. II No. 51)PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Solicitor-General Act 1969038 of 1969PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
South Fremantle Oil Installations Pipe Line Act 1948048 of 1948 (12 & 13 Geo. VI No. 48)PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Spear-guns Control Act 1955005 of 1955 (4 Eliz. II No. 5)PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Spearwood-Cockburn Cement Pty. Limited Railway Act 1961033 of 1961 (10 Eliz. II No. 33)PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Special Investigation (Coal Contract) Act 1994018 of 1994PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Special Lease Enabling Act 1914017 of 1914 (5 Geo. V No. 17)PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Special Lease (Gypsum) Act 19181918 (9 Geo. V Prvt Act)PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Special Lease (Lake Clifton) Act 1916017 of 1916 (7 Geo. V No. 17)PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Special Lease (Stirling Estate) Act 1916010 of 1917 (7 Geo. V No. 30)PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Spencer's Brook-Northam Railway Extension Act 1963018 of 1963 (12 Eliz. II No. 18)PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Spent Convictions Act 1988055 of 1988PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Sports Drug Testing Act 2001013 of 2001PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
St. Catherine's Hall, Greenough, Act 1981098 of 1981PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Stamp Act 1921010 of 1922 (12 Geo. V No. 44)PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Standard Survey Marks Act 1924008 of 1924 (15 Geo. V No. 8)PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Standard Time Act 18951895 (59 Vict. No. 2)PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Standard Time Act 2005021 of 2005PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
State Administrative Tribunal Act 2004054 of 2004PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
State Bank of South Australia (Transfer of Undertaking) Act 1994025 of 1994PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
State Children Act 1907031 of 1907 (7 Edw. VII No. 31)PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
State Electricity Commission Act 1945060 of 1945 (9 & 10 Geo. VI No. 60)PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
State Energy Commission Act 1979111 of 1979PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
State Energy Commission (Validation) Act 1978066 of 1978PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
State Enterprises (Commonwealth Tax Equivalents) Act 1996055 of 1996PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
State Entities (Payments) Act 1999052 of 1999PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
State Flag Act 2006022 of 2006PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
State Government Insurance Commission Act 1986051 of 1986PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
State Government Insurance Office Act 1938039 of 1938 (2 & 3 Geo. VI No. 39)PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
State Housing Act 1946051 of 1946 (10 & 11 Geo. VI No. 51)PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
State Planning Commission Act 1985091 of 1985PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
State Records Act 2000052 of 2000PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
State Salaries (Commonwealth Taxation) Act 1916015 of 1916 (7 Geo. V No. 15)PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
State Savings Bank Act 1906009 of 1906 (6 Edw. VII No. 9)PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
State Superannuation Act 2000042 of 2000PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
State Superannuation (Transitional and Consequential Provisions) Act 2000043 of 2000PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
State Supply Commission Act 1991005 of 1991PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
State Trading Concerns Act 1916012 of 1917 (7 Geo. V No. 32)PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
State Transport Co-ordination Act 1933042 of 1933 (24 Geo. V No. 42)PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
State (Western Australian) Alunite Industry Act 1946053 of 1946 (10 & 11 Geo. VI No. 53)PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Statistics Act 1907003 of 1907 (7 Edw. VII No. 3)PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Statute of Frauds (1677) (Imp)1677 (29 Car II c. 3)PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Statutory Corporations (Liability of Directors) Act 1996041 of 1996PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Stipendiary Magistrates Act 1957017 of 1957 (6 Eliz. II No. 17)PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Stock (Brands and Movement) Act 1970116 of 1970PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Stock Diseases Act 18951895 (59 Vict. No. 34)PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Stock Diseases (Regulations) Act 1968066 of 1968PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Stock (Identification and Movement) Act 1970116 of 1970PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Stock Jobbing (Application) Act 1969033 of 1969PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Strata Titles Act 1966039 of 1966PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Strata Titles Act 1985033 of 1985PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Street Alignment Act 18441844 (8 Vict. No. 8)PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Street Collections (Regulation) Act 1940055 of 1940 (4 & 5 Geo. VI No. 55)PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Subiaco Redevelopment Act 1994035 of 1994PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Succession to the Crown Act 2015005 of 2015PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Suitors' Fund Act 1964043 of 1964 (13 Eliz. II No. 43)PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Sunday Entertainments Act 1979017 of 1979PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Sunset Reserve Transformation Act 2014007 of 2014PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Superannuation and Family Benefits Act 1938034 of 1938 (2 & 3 Geo. VI No. 34)PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Supreme Court Act 1935036 of 1935 (26 Geo. V No. 36)PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Surrogacy Act 2008047 of 2008PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Surveillance Devices Act 1998056 of 1998PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Swan and Canning Rivers (Consequential and Transitional Provisions) Act 2006052 of 2006PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Swan and Canning Rivers Management Act 2006051 of 2006PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Swan River Trust Act 1988023 of 1988PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Swan Valley Planning Act 1995031 of 1995PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Swan Valley Planning Act 2020045 of 2020PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML