The Government of Western Australia

Acts in force and ceased

'T' List of Act titles

(Titles listed in red are ceased)
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Tailings Treatment (Kalgoorlie) Agreement Act 1988009 of 1988PDFWordHTML
Tamala Park Land Transfer Act 2001015 of 2001PDFWordHTML
Tax Collection Act 1920036 of 1920 (11 Geo. V No. 36)PDFWordHTML
Taxation (Reciprocal Powers) Act 1989018 of 1989PDFWordHTML
Taxation (Staff Arrangements) Act 1969108 of 1969PDFWordHTML
Taxation Administration Act 2003001 of 2003PDFWordHTML
Taxi Act 1994083 of 1994PDFWordHTML
Taxi Drivers Licensing Act 2014018 of 2014PDFWordHTML
Taxi-cars (Co-ordination and Control) Act 1963081 of 1963 (12 Eliz. II No. 81)PDFWordHTML
Teacher Registration Act 2012016 of 2012PDFWordHTML
Technology and Industry Development Act 1983069 of 1983PDFWordHTML
Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Western Australia Act 1996044 of 1996PDFWordHTML
Telecommunications (Interception) Western Australia Act 1996044 of 1996PDFWordHTML
Terrorism (Commonwealth Powers) Act 2002053 of 2002PDFWordHTML
Terrorism (Extraordinary Powers) Act 2005041 of 2005PDFWordHTML
Terrorism (Preventative Detention) Act 2006042 of 2006PDFWordHTML
Testator's Family Maintenance Act 1939044 of 1939 (3 & 4 Geo. VI No. 44)PDFWordHTML
Texas Company (Australasia) Limited (Private) Act 19281928 (19 Geo. V Prvt Act)PDFWordHTML
The Agent General Act 18951895 (59 Vict. No. 7)PDFWordHTML
The Bank of Adelaide (Merger) Act 1980006 of 1980PDFWordHTML
The Broken Hill Proprietary Company Limited (Export of Iron Ore) Act 1965093 of 1965PDFWordHTML
The City Club Act 19651965 (Prvt Act)PDFWordHTML
The Commercial Bank of Australia Limited (Merger) Act 1982053 of 1982PDFWordHTML
The Commercial Banking Company of Sydney Limited (Merger) Act 1982054 of 1982PDFWordHTML
The Commonwealth Oil Refineries, Limited (Private), Act 19401940 (4 & 5 Geo. VI Prvt Act)PDFWordHTML
The Confederation of Western Australian Industry (Incorporated) Act 1976044 of 1976PDFWordHTML
The Criminal Code028 of 1913 (4 Geo. V No. 28)PDFWordHTML
The Fremantle Harbour Works and Tramway Act 18931893 (56 Vict. No. 16)PDFWordHTML
The Geraldton Municipal Gas Supply Act 1910003 of 1910 (1 Geo. V No. 3)PDFWordHTML
The Grand Jury Abolition Act Amendment Act 18831883 (47 Vict. No. 6)PDFWordHTML
The Guildford-Greenough Flats Railway Act 18861886 (50 Vict. No. 24)PDFWordHTML
The High School Act 18761876 (40 Vict. No. 8)PDFWordHTML
The Kalgoorlie and Boulder Racing Clubs Act 19041904 (4 Edw. VII Prvt Act)PDFWordHTML
The Magisterial Districts Act 18861886 (50 Vict. No. 17)PDFWordHTML
The Midland Railway Company of Western Australia Limited Acquisition Agreement Act 1963047 of 1963 (12 Eliz. II No. 47)PDFWordHTML
The Municipal Water Supply Preservation Act 18921892 (55 Vict. No. 37)PDFWordHTML
The Newspaper Libel and Registration Act 18841884 (48 Vict. No. 12)PDFWordHTML
The Newspaper Libel and Registration Act 1884 Amendment Act 18881888 (52 Vict. No. 18)PDFWordHTML
The Parks and Reserves Act 18951895 (59 Vict. No. 30)PDFWordHTML
The Partnership Act 18951895 (59 Vict. No. 23)PDFWordHTML
The Perpetual Executors, Trustees, and Agency Company (W.A.) Limited Act 19221923 (13 Geo. V Prvt Act)PDFWordHTML
The Perth Diocesan Trustees (Special Fund) Act 1944025 of 1944 (8 & 9 Geo. VI No. 25)PDFWordHTML
The Police Act 18921892 (55 Vict. No. 27)PDFWordHTML
The Public Institutions and Friendly Societies Lands Improvement Act 18921892 (56 Vict. No. 7)PDFWordHTML
The Public Institutions and Friendly Societies Lands Improvement Act 1892, Amendment Act 18931893 (57 Vict. No. 27)PDFWordHTML
The Public Officers Act 18791879 (43 Vict. No. 1)PDFWordHTML
The Roman Catholic Church Lands Act 18951895 (59 Vict. Prvt Act)PDFWordHTML
The Sale of Goods Act 18951895 (59 Vict. No. 41)PDFWordHTML
The Salvation Army (Western Australia) Property Trust Act 1931034 of 1931 (22 Geo. V No. 34)PDFWordHTML
The Standard Time Act 18951895 (59 Vict. No. 2)PDFWordHTML
The Transfer of Land Act 18931893 (56 Vict. No. 14)PDFWordHTML
The Western Australian Turf Club Act 18921892 (55 Vict. Prvt Act)PDFWordHTML
The Wild Cattle Nuisance Act 18711871 (34 Vict. No. 24)PDFWordHTML
The Wild Cattle Nuisance Act 1871 Amendment Act 18781878 (42 Vict. No. 14)PDFWordHTML
The Wild Cattle Nuisance Act 1871 Amendment Act 18831883 (47 Vict. No. 23)PDFWordHTML
Timber Industry Regulation Act 1926059 of 1926 (17 Geo. V No. 59)PDFWordHTML
Tissue Grafting and Processing Act 1956019 of 1956 (5 Eliz. II No. 19)PDFWordHTML
Titles (Validation) and Native Title (Effect of Past Acts) Act 1995016 of 1995PDFWordHTML
Titles Validation Act 1995016 of 1995PDFWordHTML
Tobacco Control Act 1990104 of 1990PDFWordHTML
Tobacco Products Control Act 2006005 of 2006PDFWordHTML
Tobacco Sellers Licensing Act 1975084 of 1975PDFWordHTML
Toodyay Cemeteries Act 1939008 of 1939 (3 Geo. VI No. 8)PDFWordHTML
Totalisator Agency Board Betting Act 1960050 of 1960 (9 Eliz. II No. 50)PDFWordHTML
Totalisator Agency Board Betting Tax Act 1960054 of 1960 (9 Eliz. II No. 54)PDFWordHTML
Totalisator Duty Act 1905019 of 1905 (5 Edw. VII No. 19)PDFWordHTML
Totalisator Regulation Act 1911019 of 1912 (2 Geo. V No. 27)PDFWordHTML
Tourist Act 1959031 of 1959 (8 Eliz. II No. 31)PDFWordHTML
Tourist Development (Secret Harbour) Agreement Act 1983081 of 1983PDFWordHTML
Town Allotments (Boundaries) Act 18441844 (8 Vict. No. 9)PDFWordHTML
Town Boundary Marks Ordinance 18531853 (16 Vict. No. 16)PDFWordHTML
Town of Claremont (Exchange of Land) Act 1964046 of 1964 (13 Eliz. II No. 46)PDFWordHTML
Town Planning and Development Act 1928039 of 1928 (19 Geo. V No. 39)PDFWordHTML
Trade Descriptions and False Advertisements Act 1936042 of 1936 (1 Edw. VIII No. 42)PDFWordHTML
Trade Measurement Act 2006013 of 2006PDFWordHTML
Trade Measurement Administration Act 2006012 of 2006PDFWordHTML
Trade Unions Act 19021902 (1 & 2 Edw. VII No. 19)PDFWordHTML
Trading Stamp Act 1948055 of 1948 (12 & 13 Geo. VI No. 55)PDFWordHTML
Trading Stamp Act 1981046 of 1981PDFWordHTML
Traffic Act 1919060 of 1919 (10 Geo. V No. 48)PDFWordHTML
Trans-Continental Railway Act 1911006 of 1912 (2 Geo. V No. 14)PDFWordHTML
Transfer and Use of Funds (Shires of Harvey and Waroona) Act 1991054 of 1991PDFWordHTML
Transfer of Incorporation (HBF and HIF) Act 2009011 of 2009PDFWordHTML
Transfer of Land Act 18931893 (56 Vict. No. 14)PDFWordHTML
Transport (Road Passenger Services) Act 2018026 of 2018PDFWordHTML
Transport Act 1966053 of 1966PDFWordHTML
Transport Commission Act 1966053 of 1966PDFWordHTML
Transport Co-ordination Act 1966053 of 1966PDFWordHTML
Trans-Tasman Mutual Recognition (Western Australia) Act 2007030 of 2007PDFWordHTML
Travel Agents Act 1985120 of 1985PDFWordHTML
Tree Plantation Agreements Act 2003039 of 2003PDFWordHTML
Truck Act 18991899 (63 Vict. No. 15)PDFWordHTML
Trustee Companies Act 1987111 of 1987PDFWordHTML
Trustee Ordinance 18541854 (17 Vict. No. 10)PDFWordHTML
Trustees Act 19001900 (64 Vict. No. 17)PDFWordHTML
Trustees Act 1962078 of 1962 (11 Eliz. II No. 78)PDFWordHTML
Trustees Colonial Investment Act 19001900 (64 Vict. No. 12)PDFWordHTML
Trustees of Western Australia Limited (Transfer of Business) Act 2003018 of 2003PDFWordHTML
Trustees' Powers Act 1931010 of 1931 (22 Geo. V No. 10)PDFWordHTML
Trustees Protection Act 1931009 of 1931 (22 Geo. V No. 9)PDFWordHTML