The Government of Western Australia

Acts in force

'L' List of Acts

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Lake Lefroy (Coolgardie-Esperance Wharf) Railway Act 1969045 of 1969PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Land Acquisition and Public Works Act 19021902 (2 Edw. VII No. 47)PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Land Administration Act 1997030 of 1997PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Land Administration (South West Native Title Settlement) Act 2016010 of 2016PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Land Boundaries Act 18411841 (4 & 5 Vict. No. 20)PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Land Information Authority Act 2006060 of 2006PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Land Tax Act 2002051 of 2002PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Land Tax Assessment Act 2002052 of 2002PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Land Valuers Licensing Act 1978055 of 1978PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Law Reform Commission Act 1972059 of 1972PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Law Reform (Common Employment) Act 1951029 of 1951 (15 & 16 Geo. VI No. 29)PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Law Reform (Contributory Negligence and Tortfeasors' Contribution) Act 1947023 of 1947 (11 Geo. VI No. 23)PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Law Reform (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1941029 of 1941 (5 & 6 Geo. VI No. 29)PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Law Reform (Statute of Frauds) Act 1962016 of 1962 (11 Eliz. II No. 16)PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Law Reporting Act 1981023 of 1981PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Legal Aid Commission Act 1976143 of 1976PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Legal Deposit Act 2012010 of 2012PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Legal Profession Uniform Law Application Act 2022009 of 2022PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Legal Representation of Infants Act 1977043 of 1977PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Legislation Act 2021013 of 2021PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Leslie Solar Salt Industry Agreement Act 1966014 of 1966PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Library Board of Western Australia Act 1951042 of 1951 (15 & 16 Geo. VI No. 42)PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Licensed Surveyors Act 1909025 of 1909 (9 Edw. VII No. 21)PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Lights (Navigation Protection) Act 1938016 of 1938 (2 Geo. VI No. 16)PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Limitation Act 1935035 of 1935 (26 Geo. V No. 35)PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Limitation Act 2005019 of 2005PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Limited Partnerships Act 2016054 of 2016PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Liquor Control Act 1988054 of 1988PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Liquor Licensing Act 1988054 of 1988PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Litter Act 1979081 of 1979PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Loans (Co-operative Companies) Act 2004081 of 2004PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Local Government Act 1960084 of 1960 (9 Eliz. II No. 84)PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Local Government Act 1995074 of 1995PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Local Government Grants Act 1978004 of 1978PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1960084 of 1960 (9 Eliz. II No. 84)PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Long Service Leave Act 1958044 of 1958 (7 Eliz. II No. 44)PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Lotteries Commission Act 1990016 of 1990PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML