The Government of Western Australia

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'Minister for Culture and the Arts' List of Acts

(Titles listed in red are ceased)
TitleAct NoDownloadBuy
Art Gallery Act 1959062 of 1959 (8 Eliz. II No. 62)PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Arts and Culture Trust Act 2021015 of 2021PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Legal Deposit Act 2012010 of 2012PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Library Board of Western Australia Act 1951042 of 1951 (15 & 16 Geo. VI No. 42)PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Maritime Archaeology Act 1973066 of 1973PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Museum Act 1969090 of 1969PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
State Records Act 2000052 of 2000PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Sunset Reserve Transformation Act 2014007 of 2014PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML