The Government of Western Australia

Original Acts as passed

'Y' List of Acts

(Titles listed in red are ceased)
TitleAct NoDownloadPage
Yallingup Foreshore Land Act 2006009 of 2006PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTMLTitle PageTitle Page
Yarramony-Eastward Railway Act 1923052 of 1923 (14 Geo. V No. 31)PDFPDFWordHTMLTitle PageTitle Page
Year 2000 Information Disclosure Act 1999031 of 1999PDFPDFWordHTMLTitle PageTitle Page
Yilgarn Railway Act 18921892 (55 Vict. No. 12)PDFPDFWordHTMLTitle PageTitle Page
Yillimining-Kodinin Railway Act 1911015 of 1912 (2 Geo. V No. 23)PDFPDFWordHTMLTitle PageTitle Page
Yilliminning-Kondinin Railway Extension Act 1914014 of 1915 (5 Geo. V No. 41)PDFPDFWordHTMLTitle PageTitle Page
York Cemeteries Act 1933002 of 1933 (24 Geo. V No. 2)PDFPDFWordHTMLTitle PageTitle Page
York Cemeteries Act Amendment Act 1938036 of 1938 (2 & 3 Geo. VI No. 36)PDFPDFWordHTMLTitle PageTitle Page
York Mechanics' Institute Transfer Land Act 19111911 (1 Geo. V Prvt Act)PDFPDFWordHTMLTitle PageTitle Page
York Reserve Act 1909007 of 1909 (9 Edw. VII No. 3)PDFPDFWordHTMLTitle PageTitle Page
York-Greenhills Railway Act 18961896 (60 Vict. No. 39)PDFPDFWordHTMLTitle PageTitle Page
Young Offenders Act 1994104 of 1994PDFPDFWordHTMLTitle PageTitle Page
Young Offenders Amendment Act 2004058 of 2004PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTMLTitle PageTitle Page
Young Offenders Legislation Amendment (Research Information) Act 2011026 of 2011PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTMLTitle PageTitle Page
Youth, Community Recreation and National Fitness Act 1972071 of 1972PDFPDFWordHTMLTitle PageTitle Page
Youth Service Act 1964036 of 1964 (13 Eliz. II No. 36)PDFPDFWordHTMLTitle PageTitle Page
Youth, Sport and Recreation Act 1978069 of 1978PDFPDFWordHTMLTitle PageTitle Page
Youth, Sport and Recreation Repeal Act 1984062 of 1984PDFPDFWordHTMLTitle PageTitle Page
Yuna-Dartmoor Railway Act 1933023 of 1933 (24 Geo. V No. 23)PDFPDFWordHTMLTitle PageTitle Page