The Government of Western Australia

Cemeteries Act 1986

Subsidiary legislation as made under this Act
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Albany Cemetery Board By-Law Amendment 2016By-laws28 Jun 2016 p. 2644PDFPDFWordUnavailableHTMLUnavailable
Albany Cemetery Board By-laws Amendment 2015By-laws1 Dec 2015 p. 4828-9PDFPDFWordUnavailableHTMLUnavailable
Kalgoorlie-Boulder Cemeteries By-law 2007By-laws26 Nov 2007 p. 5887-905PDFPDFWordUnavailableHTMLUnavailable
Geraldton Cemetery Board - By-law Relating to the Geraldton Public Cemetery - Amendment No 1 of 2001By-laws29 Jan 2002 p. 475PDFPDFWordUnavailableHTMLUnavailable
Fremantle Cemeteries Board By-laws 2001By-laws23 Oct 2001 p. 5647-77PDFPDFWordUnavailableHTMLUnavailable
Albany Cemetery Board By-laws AmendmentsBy-laws10 Nov 1998 p. 6149-50PDFPDFWordUnavailableHTMLUnavailable
Albany Cemetery Board By-lawBy-laws31 Jul 1997 p. 4111-35PDFPDFWordUnavailableHTMLUnavailable
Metropolitan Cemeteries Board (Amendment) By-law 1995By-laws19 Jan 1996 p. 214-20PDFPDFWordUnavailableHTMLUnavailable
Metropolitan Cemeteries Board By-lawBy-laws3 Apr 1992 p. 1496-519PDFPDFWordUnavailableHTMLUnavailable