The Government of Western Australia

Criminal Code Act Compilation Act 1913

Subsidiary legislation as made under this Act
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Criminal Code (Infringement Notices) Amendment Regulations 2020RegulationsSL 2020/110PDFPDFWordUnavailableHTMLUnavailable
Criminal Code Repeal Regulations 2007Regulations22 Jun 2007 p. 2846-7PDFPDFWordUnavailableHTMLUnavailable
Criminal Code (Authorized Persons) (Videotapes of Interviews) Amendment Regulations 2005Regulations1 Nov 2005 p. 4975-6PDFPDFWordUnavailableHTMLUnavailable
Criminal Procedure Amendment Rules 2003Rules31 Oct 2003 p. 4563-5PDFPDFWordUnavailableHTMLUnavailable
Criminal Procedure Amendment Rules 2002Rules19 Mar 2002 p. 1343-6PDFPDFWordUnavailableHTMLUnavailable
Criminal Procedure Amendment Rules 2001Rules17 Aug 2001 p. 4345PDFPDFWordUnavailableHTMLUnavailable
Criminal Code (Authorized Persons) (Videotapes of Interviews) Amendment Regulations 1998Regulations17 Jul 1998 p. 3763PDFPDFWordUnavailableHTMLUnavailable
Criminal Practice Amendment Rules 1993Rules30 Nov 1993 p. 6413-15PDFPDFWordUnavailableHTMLUnavailable