The Government of Western Australia

Aboriginal Affairs Planning Authority Act 1972

Subsidiary legislation as made under this Act
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Aboriginal Affairs Planning Authority (Reserves 1834, 20927 and 22615) Proclamation 2017Proclamation3 Feb 2017 p. 1108-9PDFPDFWordUnavailableHTMLUnavailable
Aboriginal Affairs Planning Authority Amendment Regulations 2016Regulations10 Jan 2017 p. 167-8PDFPDFWordUnavailableHTMLUnavailable
Aboriginal Affairs Planning Authority Amendment Regulations 2013Regulations6 Aug 2013 p. 3647-9PDFPDFWordUnavailableHTMLUnavailable
Reserves 9656 and 33542Proclamation9 Oct 2012 p. 4747-8PDFPDFWordUnavailableHTMLUnavailable
Reserves 25404, 26329 and 24952 cease to be reservesProclamation10 Dec 2004 p. 5893PDFPDFWordUnavailableHTMLUnavailable
Reserve 30906 (Fisherman's Bend near Broome) ceases to be a reserveProclamation15 Feb 2002 p. 643PDFPDFWordUnavailableHTMLUnavailable
Reserve 21907; 23648Proclamation24 Feb 1995 p. 607PDFPDFWordUnavailableHTMLUnavailable
Reserve 22615 alteredProclamation27 Jan 1995 p. 285PDFPDFWordUnavailableHTMLUnavailable