The Government of Western Australia

Juries Act 1957

Subsidiary legislation as made under this Act
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Juries Amendment Regulations 2023RegulationsSL 2023/33PDFPDFWordUnavailableHTMLUnavailable
Juries Amendment Regulations 2020RegulationsSL 2020/27PDFPDFWordUnavailableHTMLUnavailable
Juries Amendment Regulations 2013Regulations20 Aug 2013 p. 3858-9PDFPDFWordUnavailableHTMLUnavailable
Jury Districts and Circuit Towns 2013 (also see Supreme Court Act 1935)Proclamation12 Feb 2013 p. 919-20PDFPDFWordUnavailableHTMLUnavailable
Juries Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2011Regulations27 Oct 2011 p. 4552-6PDFPDFWordUnavailableHTMLUnavailable
Juries Amendment Regulations 2011Regulations30 Jun 2011 p. 2615-20PDFPDFWordUnavailableHTMLUnavailable
Juries (Allowances to Jurors) Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2007Regulations19 Oct 2007 p. 5614PDFPDFWordUnavailableHTMLUnavailable
Jury Pools Amendment Regulations 2007Regulations3 Apr 2007 p. 1492-3PDFPDFWordUnavailableHTMLUnavailable
Jury Districts and Circuit Towns (also see Supreme Court Act 1935)Proclamation11 Jan 2005 p. 89-90PDFPDFWordUnavailableHTMLUnavailable
Jury Pools Amendment Regulations 2004Regulations30 Apr 2004 p. 1367PDFPDFWordUnavailableHTMLUnavailable
Juries (Allowances to Jurors) Amendment Regulations 1995Regulations5 Dec 1995 p. 5584PDFPDFWordUnavailableHTMLUnavailable