The Government of Western Australia

Anzac Day Act 1960

(Where available versions as previously in force)
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Anzac Day Act 196018 Sep 2019Current04-b0-01PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTMLPDFPDFWordWord
Anzac Day Act 19603 Feb 201717 Sep 201904-a0-02PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTMLPDFPDFWordWord
Anzac Day Act 196023 Mar 20162 Feb 201703-f0-01PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTMLPDFPDFWordWord
Anzac Day Act 196011 Sep 201022 Mar 201603-e0-05PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTMLPDFPDFWordWord
Anzac Day Act 196028 Jun 201010 Sep 201003-d0-02PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTMLPDFPDFWordWord
Anzac Day Act 196017 Sep 200927 Jun 201003-c0-02PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTMLPDFPDFWordWord
Anzac Day Act 19601 Feb 200716 Sep 200903-b0-07PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTMLPDFPDFWordWord
Anzac Day Act 196015 Sep 200631 Jan 200703-a0-02PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTMLPDFPDFWordWord
Anzac Day Act 19601 Jul 200614 Sep 200602-f0-02PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTMLPDFPDFWordWord
Anzac Day Act 19609 Apr 200630 Jun 200602-e0-02PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTMLPDFPDFWordWord
Anzac Day Act 196012 Dec 20058 Apr 200602-d0-02PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTMLPDFWord
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