The Government of Western Australia

Legal Practice Act 2003

(Where available versions as previously in force)
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Legal Practice Act 20031 Mar 2009Repealed01-d0-04PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTMLPDFPDFWordWord
Legal Practice Act 200327 Apr 200828 Feb 200901-c0-03PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTMLPDFPDFWordWord
Legal Practice Act 200312 Mar 200826 Apr 200801-b0-01PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTMLPDFPDFWordWord
Legal Practice Act 200315 Jun 200711 Mar 200801-a0-03PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTMLPDFPDFWordWord
Legal Practice Act 20031 Feb 200714 Jun 200700-e0-05PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTMLPDFPDFWordWord
Legal Practice Act 200314 Nov 200531 Jan 200700-d0-04PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTMLPDFWord
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