The Government of Western Australia

Reprinted Subsidiary legislation

'S' List of Subsidiary legislation

(Titles listed in red are ceased)
Salaries and Allowances Regulations 1975Regulations8 Aug 1975 p. 2862-3PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Sandalwood Regulations 1993Regulations9 Feb 1993 p. 1100-2PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
School Curriculum and Standards Authority Regulations 2005Regulations23 Dec 2005 p. 6250-3PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
School Education Regulations 2000Regulations29 Dec 2000 p. 7795-900PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Security and Related Activities (Control) Regulations 1997Regulations27 Mar 1997 p. 1651-89PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Seeds Regulations 1982Regulations12 Mar 1982 p. 828-43PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Sentence Administration Regulations 2003Regulations29 Aug 2003 p. 3842-50PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Sentencing Regulations 1996Regulations4 Oct 1996 p. 5281-96PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Settlement Agents' Code of Conduct 1982Rules15 Oct 1982 p. 4064-6PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Settlement Agents Regulations 1982Regulations19 Mar 1982 p. 886-7PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Settlement Agents Supervisory Board (Elections) Regulations 1982Regulations19 Mar 1982 p. 888-92PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Sewerage (Lighting, Ventilation and Construction) Regulations 1971Regulations18 Aug 1971 p. 3033-7PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Shipping and Pilotage (Mooring Control Areas) Regulations 1983Regulations28 Nov 1983 p. 4709-14PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Shipping and Pilotage (Ports and Harbours) Regulations 1966Regulations3 Feb 1966 p. 277-92PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Small Business Guarantees Regulations 1985Regulations10 May 1985 p. 1655PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Small Claims Tribunals Regulations 1975Regulations7 Mar 1975 p. 844-7PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Soil and Land Conservation Council (Remuneration of Members) Regulations 1991Regulations3 May 1991 p. 1938-9PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Soil and Land Conservation Regulations 1992Regulations17 Jun 1992 p. 2519-29PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Spent Convictions Regulations 1992Regulations26 Jun 1992 p. 2715-22PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Stamp Regulations 1979Regulations7 Dec 1979 p. 3780-7PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Stamp Regulations 2003Regulations27 Jun 2003 p. 2415-18PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
State Administrative Tribunal Regulations 2004Regulations30 Dec 2004 p. 6747-848PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
State Administrative Tribunal Rules 2004Rules30 Dec 2004 p. 6849-89PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
State Energy Commission (Bearer Debenture and Inscribed Stock) Regulations 1980Regulations29 Feb 1980 p. 684-94PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
State Enterprises (Commonwealth Tax Equivalents) (Application) Regulations 1997Regulations6 Jun 1997 p. 2645-6PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
State Superannuation Regulations 2001Regulations16 Feb 2001 p. 921-1074PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
State Supply Commission Regulations 1991Regulations13 Mar 1992 p. 1206-7PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
State Trading Concerns (Authorisation) Regulations 1998Regulations17 Apr 1998 p. 2105PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
State Trading Concerns (Authorization) Regulations 1998Regulations17 Apr 1998 p. 2105PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Stock (Control of Hormonal Growth Promotants) Regulations 1994Regulations24 Jun 1994 p. 2820-9PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Stock (Identification and Movement) Regulations 1972Regulations30 Jun 1972 p. 2205-12PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Strata Titles General Regulations 1996Regulations14 Mar 1996 p. 917-78PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Strata Titles (Resolution of Disputes) Regulations 1985Regulations21 Jun 1985 p. 2263PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Street Collections Regulations 1999Regulations7 Dec 1999 p. 5991-4PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Subiaco Redevelopment Regulations 1994Regulations23 Aug 1994 p. 4383-6PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Suitors' Fund Regulations 1965Regulations31 Aug 1965 p. 2551-7PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Supreme Court (Corporations) (WA) Rules 2004Rules21 May 2004 p. 1603-95PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Supreme Court (Fees) Regulations 2002Regulations27 Dec 2001 p. 6583-616PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Supreme Court Rules 1971Rules18 Nov 1971 p. 4397-758PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Surveillance Devices Regulations 1999Regulations18 Nov 1999 p. 5767-86PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Swan and Canning Rivers Management Regulations 2007Regulations25 Sep 2007 p. 4787-831PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Swan River Trust Regulations 1989Regulations7 Apr 1989 p. 1031-5PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Swan Valley Planning Regulations 1995Regulations24 Nov 1995 p. 5441PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML