The Government of Western Australia

Reprinted Subsidiary legislation

'T' List of Subsidiary legislation titles

(Titles listed in red are ceased)
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Taxation Administration Regulations 200327 Jun 2003 p. 2419-22WordPDFHTML
Taxi Regulations 199510 Jan 1995 p. 75-90WordPDFHTML
Teacher Registration (General) Regulations 201216 Nov 2012 p. 5571-609WordPDFHTML
Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Western Australia Regulations 199624 Dec 1996 p. 7146WordPDFHTML
Telecommunications (Interception) Western Australia Regulations 199624 Dec 1996 p. 7146WordPDFHTML
The Art Gallery of Western Australia Foundation Rules 198927 Jan 1989 p. 285-7WordPDFHTML
The Balgo Hills Aboriginal Community Incorporated By-laws 198215 Oct 1982 p. 4062-4WordPDFHTML
The Electoral Rules of 19089 Oct 1908 p. 2706-8WordPDFHTML
Timber Industry Regulations 19693 Feb 1970 p. 317-35WordPDFHTML
Tobacco Control (General) Regulations 199126 Jul 1991 p. 3852-3WordPDFHTML
Tobacco Control (Package Labels) Regulations 19949 Dec 1994 p. 6666-77WordPDFHTML
Tobacco Control (Smokeless Tobacco) Regulations 19918 Feb 1991 p. 589WordPDFHTML
Tobacco Control (Statement on Vending Machines) Regulations 19917 Aug 1991 p. 4098WordPDFHTML
Tobacco Products Control Regulations 200625 Jul 2006 p. 2797-808WordPDFHTML
Totalisator Agency Board (Betting) Regulations 198825 Mar 1988 p. 935-55WordPDFHTML
Totalisator Agency Board Rules 196123 Dec 1960 p. 4114-15WordPDFHTML
Tow Truck Regulations 197529 May 1975 p. 1553-7WordPDFHTML
Town Planning (Buildings) Uniform General By-laws 198928 Jul 1989 p. 2301-12WordPDFHTML
Town Planning (Height of Obstructions at Corners) General By-laws 197514 Mar 1975 p. 896WordPDFHTML
Town Planning (Local Government Planning Fees) Regulations 200019 Dec 2000 p. 7243-59WordPDFHTML
Town Planning and Development (Easement) Regulations 198318 Mar 1983 p. 997-9WordPDFHTML
Town Planning and Development Act (Appeal) Regulations 197925 Jun 1979 p. 1758-60WordPDFHTML
Town Planning Regulations 196728 Nov 1967 p. 3227-53WordPDFHTML
Trade Measurement Regulations 200729 May 2007 p. 2353-474WordPDFHTML
Transfer of Land (Surveys) Regulations 199514 Jul 1995 p. 2971-2WordPDFHTML
Transfer of Land Regulations 19979 Jan 1997 p. 67-97WordPDFHTML
Transfer of Land Regulations 20042 Sep 2004 p. 3829-46WordPDFHTML
Transport (Country Taxi-car) Regulations 198223 Jul 1982 p. 2853-61WordPDFHTML
Transport (Country Taxi-cars Fares) Regulations 199119 Apr 1991 p. 1815-20WordPDFHTML
Transport Co-ordination Regulations 198520 Dec 1985 p. 4835-55WordPDFHTML
Travel Agents Regulations 198619 Dec 1986 p. 4926-38WordPDFHTML
Trustee Companies Regulations 198826 Aug 1988 p. 3284-9WordPDFHTML