The Government of Western Australia

Subsidiary legislation in force and ceased

'B' List of subsidiary legislation titles

(Titles listed in red are ceased)
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Bacteriolytic Treatment of Sewage and Disposal of Effluent and Liquid Waste Regulations3 Sep 1974 p. 3303-40PDFWordHTML
Bail Regulations 198830 Dec 1988 p. 5043-80PDFWordHTML
Banana Grading and Packing Code 198323 Sep 1983 p. 3862-3PDFWordHTML
Bank Mergers (National Australia Bank and Bank of New Zealand) Regulations 199727 Jun 1997 p. 3221-34PDFWordHTML
Bank of Western Australia Ltd (Provision of Information) Regulations 199529 Dec 1995 p. 6277-8PDFWordHTML
Bardi Aborigines Association Inc., By-laws7 Nov 1980 p. 3743-4PDFWordHTML
Barristers Board Rules 19495 Aug 1949 p. 1876-85PDFWordHTML
Bayulu Community By-laws 200619 May 2006 p. 1841-52PDFWordHTML
Beagle Bay Aboriginal Council Inc. By-laws 19824 Jun 1982 p. 1770-2PDFWordHTML
Beekeepers Regulations 196316 Dec 1963 p. 3897-906PDFWordHTML
Bentley Hospital By-laws 200121 Dec 2001 p. 6519-39PDFWordHTML
Betting Control Regulations 197822 Jun 1978 p. 1991-2014PDFWordHTML
Bidyadanga Aboriginal Community La Grange Incorporated By-laws15 Feb 1980 p. 461-3PDFWordHTML
Bidyadanga Community By-laws 200412 Nov 2004 p. 5019-23PDFWordHTML
Bills of Sale (Fees) Regulations 198320 Jan 1984 p. 137PDFWordHTML
Bills of Sale Regulations 200129 Jun 2001 p. 3243PDFWordHTML
Bindi Bindi Aboriginal Community By-laws16 Feb 2001 p. 904-8PDFWordHTML
Biodiversity Conservation (Exemptions) Order 201821 Dec 2018 p. 4847-50PDFWordHTML
Biodiversity Conservation Regulations 201814 Sep 2018 p. 3337-505PDFWordHTML
Biosecurity and Agriculture Management (Aerial Application) Regulations 201828 Dec 2018 p. 4880-3PDFWordHTML
Biosecurity and Agriculture Management (Agriculture Standards) Regulations 20135 Feb 2013 p. 763-820PDFWordHTML
Biosecurity and Agriculture Management (Declared Pest Account Rate Consultation) Regulations 201122 Nov 2011 p. 4845-6PDFWordHTML
Biosecurity and Agriculture Management (Declared Pest Account) Regulations 201430 May 2014 p. 1680-2PDFWordHTML
Biosecurity and Agriculture Management (Identification and Movement of Stock and Apiaries) Regulations 20135 Feb 2013 p. 593-761PDFWordHTML
Biosecurity and Agriculture Management (Infringement Notices) Regulations 201324 Sep 2013 p. 4417-35PDFWordHTML
Biosecurity and Agriculture Management (Quality Assurance and Accreditation) Regulations 201325 Feb 2013 p. 1047-72PDFWordHTML
Biosecurity and Agriculture Management Industry Funding Scheme (Cattle) Regulations 201021 May 2010 p. 2093-126PDFWordHTML
Biosecurity and Agriculture Management Industry Funding Scheme (Grains) Regulations 201021 May 2010 p. 2059-91PDFWordHTML
Biosecurity and Agriculture Management Industry Funding Scheme (Sheep and Goats) Regulations 201021 May 2010 p. 2127-57PDFWordHTML
Biosecurity and Agriculture Management Regulations 20135 Feb 2013 p. 465-591PDFWordHTML
Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Regulations 199912 Mar 1999 p. 1163-5PDFWordHTML
Blood and Tissue (Transmissible Diseases) Regulations 19858 Feb 1985 p. 517-19PDFWordHTML
Blood Donation (Limitation of Liability) Regulations 198612 Sep 1986 p. 3349PDFWordHTML
Botanic Gardens and Parks Regulations 199930 Jun 1999 p. 2881-903PDFWordHTML
Boxing Control Regulations 199019 Feb 1991 p. 819-38PDFWordHTML
Bread Regulations 198325 Feb 1983 p. 716-20PDFWordHTML
Builders' Registration Regulations26 Apr 1940 p. 622-7PDFWordHTML
Building and Construction Industry Training Fund and Levy Collection Regulations 199128 Jun 1991 p. 3122-5PDFWordHTML
Building and Construction Industry Training Levy Regulations 200116 Jan 2001 p. 339PDFWordHTML
Building Disputes Committee Regulations 199210 Jul 1992 p. 3199PDFWordHTML
Building Regulations 198928 Jul 1989 p. 2261-93PDFWordHTML
Building Regulations 201213 Mar 2012 p. 1055-137PDFWordHTML
Building Services (Complaint Resolution and Administration) Regulations 201126 Aug 2011 p. 3453-71PDFWordHTML
Building Services (Registration) Regulations 201126 Aug 2011 p. 3411-52PDFWordHTML
Bulk Handling Act Regulations 19674 Jan 1968 p. 2-24PDFWordHTML
Bunbury Harbour Board (Debentures and Inscribed Stock) Regulations 196416 Jun 1964 p. 2409PDFWordHTML
Bunbury Long Service Leave By-laws11 Jun 1954 p. 1068-7PDFWordHTML
Bunbury Port Authority Regulations 196230 Oct 1962 p. 3543-600PDFWordHTML
Bunbury Water Area By-Laws11 Nov 1949 p. 2898-904PDFWordHTML
Bunbury Water Board By-Laws29 Nov 2002 p. 5641-8PDFWordHTML
Burswood Park By-laws 19887 Oct 1988 p. 4112-19PDFWordHTML
Bush Fires (Infringements) Regulations 197810 Mar 1978 p. 702-4PDFWordHTML
Bush Fires Regulations 195414 Oct 1955 p. 2575-97PDFWordHTML
Business Names Regulations 196227 Sep 1962 p. 2663-72PDFWordHTML
Busselton Water Area By-laws23 Sep 1994 p. 4903-6PDFWordHTML
Busselton Water Area By-laws 199423 Sep 1994 p. 4903-6PDFWordHTML
Byford Recreation Reserve By-laws26 Nov 1937 p. 2009-10PDFWordHTML
By-law providing for enforcement of any by-law made under section 3024 Feb 1933 p. 318PDFWordHTML
By-law under the Second Schedule of the Town Planning and Development Act 1928, clauses 4 & 1124 Apr 1936 p. 583PDFWordHTML
By-laws for the Control of Hoardings27 Nov 1931 p. 2520-1PDFWordHTML
By-laws for the Regulation of the Wubin Memorial Park4 Jul 1952 p. 1679-81PDFWordHTML
By-laws for the Western Australian Trotting Association13 Feb 1957 p. 301PDFWordHTML