The Government of Western Australia

Subsidiary legislation in force and ceased

'I' List of subsidiary legislation

(Titles listed in red are ceased)
Income Tax Appeals (Board of Review) Rules 1940Rules1 Mar 1940 p. 295-6PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Income Tax Appeals Rules 1940Rules19 Jul 1940 p. 1382-3PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Income Tax RegulationsRegulations24 Dec 1937 p. 2173-82PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Industrial and Commercial Employees Housing Regulations 1974Regulations20 Sep 1974 p. 3497PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Industrial Arbitration (Union Elections) Regulations 1980Regulations4 Mar 1980 p. 747-53PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Industrial Hemp Regulations 2004Regulations18 May 2004 p. 1561-2PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Industrial Magistrates' Courts (General Jurisdiction) Regulations 2000Regulations19 Dec 2000 p. 7307-44PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Industrial Magistrates Courts (General Jurisdiction) Regulations 2005Regulations15 Apr 2005 p. 1231-74PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Industrial Relations Commission (Government School Teachers Tribunal [Elections]) Regulations 1985Regulations28 Feb 1985 p. 772-6PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Industrial Relations Commission (Railways Classification Board [Elections]) Regulations 1985Regulations28 Feb 1985 p. 767-71PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Industrial Relations Commission Regulations 1985Regulations28 Feb 1985 p. 717-66PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Industrial Relations Commission Regulations 2005Regulations12 Aug 2005 p. 3685-812PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Industrial Relations (Employer-employee Agreements) Regulations 2002Regulations6 Sep 2002 p. 4525-90PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Industrial Relations (General) Regulations 1997Regulations30 Sep 1997 p. 5440-1PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Industrial Relations (Industrial Agents) Regulations 1997Regulations4 Dec 1997 p. 7073-93PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Industrial Relations (Industrial Magistrates Courts) Regulations 1980Regulations4 Mar 1980 p. 755-68PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Industrial Relations (Pre-strike Ballot Expenses) Regulations 1997Regulations31 Dec 1997 p. 7604PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Industrial Relations (Pre-strike Ballots) Regulations 1997Regulations13 Jan 1998 p. 285-7PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Industrial Relations (Superannuation) Regulations 1997Regulations31 Dec 1997 p. 7609-11PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Industrial Relations (Western Australian Industrial Appeal Court) Regulations 1980Regulations4 Mar 1980 p. 707-23PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Industrial Relations (Workplace Agreements) Regulations 1995Regulations19 Jun 1995 p. 2369-92PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Industrial Training (Apprenticeship Training) Regulations 1981Regulations17 Jul 1981 p. 2935-40PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Industrial Training (General Apprenticeship) Regulations 1981Regulations17 Jul 1981 p. 2923-35PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Industry (Advances) Regulations 1981Regulations1 May 1981 p. 1371PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Industry and Technology Development Regulations 1998Regulations26 Jun 1998 p. 3370PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Infectious Diseases (Inspection of Persons) RegulationsRegulations5 Feb 1971 p. 366PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Insurance Commission of Western Australia (Policy Instruments) Regulations 2009Regulations1 Apr 2010 p. 1325-39PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Insurance Commission of Western Australia Regulations 1986Regulations19 Dec 1986 p. 4863-4PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Integrity (Lobbyists) Regulations 2016Regulations9 Dec 2016 p. 5568-70PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Iron Ore (Robe River) Cape Lambert Ore and Service Wharves By-laws 1995By-laws23 Dec 1994 p. 7023-66PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Irrungadji Community By-laws 2005By-laws21 Dec 2005 p. 6163-75PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML