The Government of Western Australia

Subsidiary legislation in force and ceased

'S' List of subsidiary legislation

(Titles listed in red are ceased)
Salaries and Allowances Regulations 1975Regulations8 Aug 1975 p. 2862-3PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Sandalwood Regulations 1993Regulations9 Feb 1993 p. 1100-2PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
School Curriculum and Standards Authority Regulations 2005Regulations23 Dec 2005 p. 6250-3PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
School Education Regulations 2000Regulations29 Dec 2000 p. 7795-900PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
School Education (Student Residential Colleges) Regulations 2017Regulations18 Sep 2017 p. 4845-75PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
School Premises Regulations 1981Regulations28 Aug 1981 p. 3592-7PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Security and Related Activities (Control) Regulations 1997Regulations27 Mar 1997 p. 1651-89PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Seeds Regulations 1982Regulations12 Mar 1982 p. 828-43PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Sentence Administration (Community Corrections Centres) Notice 2008Notice8 Aug 2008 p. 3504-10PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Sentence Administration (Community Corrections Centres) Order 2000Order15 Dec 2000 p. 7206-8PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Sentence Administration (Community Corrections Centres) Order 2001Order6 Apr 2001 p. 2020-3PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Sentence Administration (Community Corrections Centres) Order 2002Order26 Mar 2002 p. 1747-50PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Sentence Administration (Interstate Transfer of Community Based Sentences) Regulations 2011Regulations23 Sep 2011 p. 3812-14PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML