The Government of Western Australia

Subsidiary legislation in force

'F' List of subsidiary legislation titles

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Fair Trading (Advisory Committees) Regulations 201130 Jun 2011 p. 2635-9PDFWordHTML
Fair Trading (Fitness Industry Interim Code) Regulations 201921 Jun 2019 p. 2171-86PDFWordHTML
Fair Trading (Infringement Notices) Regulations 201224 Apr 2012 p. 1745-61PDFWordHTML
Fair Trading (Permitted Calling Hours) Regulations 201417 Apr 2014 p. 1074-5PDFWordHTML
Fair Trading (Product Information Standard) Regulations 200529 Jun 2005 p. 2971-81PDFWordHTML
Fair Trading (Retirement Villages Interim Code) Regulations 201922 Mar 2019 p. 875-933PDFWordHTML
Family Court (Surrogacy) Rules 200925 Feb 2009 p. 491-9PDFWordHTML
Family Court Regulations 199825 Sep 1998 p. 5303-9PDFWordHTML
Family Court Rules 19986 Oct 1998 p. 5571-85PDFWordHTML
Family Provision Regulations 201315 Jan 2013 p. 80PDFWordHTML
Finance Brokers Control (Code of Conduct) Regulations 200729 Jun 2007 p. 3111-44PDFWordHTML
Finance Brokers Control (General) Regulations 200514 Oct 2005 p. 4585-613PDFWordHTML
Financial Management Regulations 200719 Jan 2007 p. 155-61PDFWordHTML
Fines, Penalties and Infringement Notices Enforcement Regulations 199430 Dec 1994 p. 7232-41PDFWordHTML
Fire and Emergency Services (Superannuation Fund) Regulations 198629 Oct 1986 p. 3991-4016PDFWordHTML
Fire and Emergency Services Authority of Western Australia Regulations 199822 Dec 1998 p. 6843-4PDFWordHTML
Fire and Emergency Services Regulations 199822 Dec 1998 p. 6843-4PDFWordHTML
Fire Brigades (Superannuation Fund) Regulations 198629 Oct 1986 p. 3991-4016PDFWordHTML
Fire Brigades Act Regulations4 Jun 1943 p. 552-76PDFWordHTML
Fire Brigades Regulations 19434 Jun 1943 p. 552-76PDFWordHTML
Firearms Regulations 197429 Mar 1974 p. 1056-76PDFWordHTML
First Home Owner Grant Regulations 200030 Jun 2000 p. 3433-7PDFWordHTML
Fish Resources Management Regulations 199529 Sep 1995 p. 4503-646PDFWordHTML
Fisher Road Water Reserve Order 20086 Mar 2009 p. 691-2PDFWordHTML
Fisheries Adjustment Schemes Regulations 20098 Dec 2009 p. 4992-3PDFWordHTML
Fishing and Related Industries Compensation (Marine Reserves) Regulations 199828 Aug 1998 p. 4745-7PDFWordHTML
Fishing Industry Promotion Training and Management Levy Regulations 20164 Oct 2016 p. 4239-40PDFWordHTML
Fitzroy Crossing Water Reserve Order 20091 May 2009 p. 1443-4PDFWordHTML
Fly Eradication Regulations2 Mar 1961 p. 579-80PDFWordHTML
Food Regulations 200923 Oct 2009 p. 4095-142PDFWordHTML
Forest Management Regulations 19939 Feb 1993 p. 1119-201PDFWordHTML
Freedom of Information Regulations 199322 Oct 1993 p. 5800-2PDFWordHTML