The Government of Western Australia

Subsidiary legislation in force

'I' List of subsidiary legislation titles

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Industrial Arbitration (Union Elections) Regulations 19804 Mar 1980 p. 747-53PDFWordHTML
Industrial Hemp Regulations 200418 May 2004 p. 1561-2PDFWordHTML
Industrial Magistrates Courts (General Jurisdiction) Regulations 200515 Apr 2005 p. 1231-74PDFWordHTML
Industrial Relations (Employer-employee Agreements) Regulations 20026 Sep 2002 p. 4525-90PDFWordHTML
Industrial Relations (General) Regulations 199730 Sep 1997 p. 5440-1PDFWordHTML
Industrial Relations (Industrial Agents) Regulations 19974 Dec 1997 p. 7073-93PDFWordHTML
Industrial Relations (Superannuation) Regulations 199731 Dec 1997 p. 7609-11PDFWordHTML
Industrial Relations (Western Australian Industrial Appeal Court) Regulations 19804 Mar 1980 p. 707-23PDFWordHTML
Industrial Relations Commission (Railways Classification Board [Elections]) Regulations 198528 Feb 1985 p. 767-71PDFWordHTML
Industrial Relations Commission Regulations 200512 Aug 2005 p. 3685-812PDFWordHTML
Industry and Technology Development Regulations 199826 Jun 1998 p. 3370PDFWordHTML
Insurance Commission of Western Australia (Policy Instruments) Regulations 20091 Apr 2010 p. 1325-39PDFWordHTML
Insurance Commission of Western Australia Regulations 198619 Dec 1986 p. 4863-4PDFWordHTML
Integrity (Lobbyists) Regulations 20169 Dec 2016 p. 5568-70PDFWordHTML
Iron Ore (Robe River) Cape Lambert Ore and Service Wharves By-laws 199523 Dec 1994 p. 7023-66PDFWordHTML
Irrungadji Community By-laws 200521 Dec 2005 p. 6163-75PDFWordHTML