The Government of Western Australia

Subsidiary legislation in force

Current and historical consolidated versions of subsidiary legislation in force in Western Australia.
Consolidated versions incorporate amendments to subsidiary legislation.
Provisions not yet in force: see below.

This collection:
  • Regulations
  • Rules
  • Selected legislative instruments of Western Australia

(includes previous versions (where available)).

Does not contain
  • local laws made by, or on behalf of, local governments
  • town planning schemes
  • proclamations, orders in council, notices, resolutions or other instruments that are of limited or temporary operation or application, or not considered to be of general interest.

Changes to legislation in this collection are consolidated within 2 working days of commencement of the amending provision/s.

Provisions not yet in force

Principal legislation with uncommenced provisions

In the case of principal legislation, an “Uncommenced provisions table” is included that lists the uncommenced provisions and where they can be viewed.

Principal legislation with uncommenced amendments

In the case of principal legislation where amendments have yet to commence, an “Uncommenced provisions table” is included that lists the uncommenced amendments.