The Government of Western Australia

Subsidiary legislation ceased

'J' List of subsidiary legislation

Jetties RegulationsRegulations2 Jul 1920 p. 1233PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Juries (Allowances to Jurors) RegulationsRegulations18 Jan 1929 p. 70PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Jury Pools Regulations 1982Regulations26 Mar 1982 p. 1067-8PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Justices Act (Courts of Petty Sessions Fees) RegulationsRegulations9 Apr 1957 p. 1079-80PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Justices Act (Evidence By Affidavit) RegulationsRegulations27 Sep 1974 p. 3565PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Justices Act (Extraordinary Licences) Regulations 1977Regulations20 May 1977 p. 1502-6PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Justices (Forms) Regulations 1982Regulations6 Aug 1982 p. 3059-64PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Justices (Recording of Depositions) Regulations 1987Regulations10 Jul 1987 p. 2608-10PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML
Justices (Service of Summonses By Post) Regulations 1982Regulations17 Dec 1982 p. 4831-2PDFOfficial VersionWordWordHTMLHTML