The Government of Western Australia

Subsidiary legislation ceased

'P' List of subsidiary legislation titles

(Titles listed in red are ceased)
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Painters' Registration (Infringement Notices) Regulations 200622 Sep 2006 p. 4122-4PDFWordHTML
Painters' Registration Board Rules 196227 Dec 1962 p. 4125-34PDFWordHTML
Parental Support and Responsibility Regulations 200927 Mar 2009 p. 918-19PDFWordHTML
Parliamentary Commissioner Rules 199413 Dec 1994 p. 6748-9PDFWordHTML
Parliamentary Superannuation Act Regulations 194925 Nov 1949 p. 3013PDFWordHTML
PathCentre (Common Seal) Regulations 19953 Mar 1995 p. 779PDFWordHTML
Pay-roll Tax Assessment Regulations 197115 Oct 1971 p. 4057-9PDFWordHTML
Peach and Nectarine Grading and Packing Code 199211 Sep 1992 p. 4575-81PDFWordHTML
Pear Grading and Packing Code 198323 Sep 1983 p. 3873-4PDFWordHTML
Peel Health Services By-laws 200812 Feb 2008 p. 342-3PDFWordHTML
Perth (Passenger) Transport Regulations 20027 May 2002 p. 2333-52PDFWordHTML
Perth Market By-laws 199028 Dec 1990 p. 6415-32PDFWordHTML
Pesticides Regulations11 Apr 1956 p. 953-61PDFWordHTML
Petroleum (Submerged Lands) (Management of Well Operations) Regulations 20064 Apr 2006 p. 1423-47PDFWordHTML
Petroleum Products Pricing (Maximum Wholesale Price) Order (No. 2) 200112 Apr 2001 p. 2117-23PDFWordHTML
Petroleum Products Pricing (Maximum Wholesale Price) Order (No. 3) 20011 Jun 2001 p. 2783-6PDFWordHTML
Petroleum Products Pricing (Maximum Wholesale Price) Order (No. 4) 200120 Aug 2001 p. 4363-5PDFWordHTML
Petroleum Products Pricing (Maximum Wholesale Price) Order 20016 Apr 2001 p. 2065-9PDFWordHTML
Petroleum Products Subsidy Regulations 196614 Apr 1966 p. 913PDFWordHTML
Pharmacy Act Regulations 197617 Sep 1976 p. 3430-43PDFWordHTML
Physiotherapists Registration Board Rules 195227 Jun 1952 p. 1581-4PDFWordHTML
Physiotherapists Regulations 19517 Sep 1951 p. 2422-8PDFWordHTML
Physiotherapists Regulations 200612 Jan 2007 p. 61-77PDFWordHTML
Pig Industry Compensation Regulations 194314 May 1943 p. 479-81PDFWordHTML
Planning and Development (Local Government Planning Fees) Regulations 200019 Dec 2000 p. 7243-59PDFWordHTML
Plant Diseases (Fruit Fly Baiting Fees) Regulations 197921 Dec 1979 p. 3991PDFWordHTML
Plant Diseases Regulations 198930 Jun 1989 p. 1980-93PDFWordHTML
Plant Pests and Diseases (Eradication Funds) Regulations 19823 Sep 1982 p. 3622-3PDFWordHTML
Plum Grading and Packing Code 199211 Sep 1992 p. 4581-7PDFWordHTML
Podiatrists Registration Rules 198522 Feb 1985 p. 664-70PDFWordHTML
Podiatrists Regulations 200613 Dec 2006 p. 5585-98PDFWordHTML
Poisons Act Regulations 196529 Jun 1965 p. 1883-914PDFWordHTML
Poisons Regulations 196529 Jun 1965 p. 1883-914PDFWordHTML
Police (Fees) Regulations 198113 Feb 1981 p. 612-13PDFWordHTML
Police (Gaming) Regulations 198231 Dec 1982 p. 4999-5000PDFWordHTML
Police (Kalgoorlie Two-up Gaming) Regulations 198322 Jul 1983 p. 2734PDFWordHTML
Police Force Canteen Regulations 198823 Dec 1988 p. 4977-9PDFWordHTML
Port Authorities (Charges for Pilotage Services) Regulations 200020 Jun 2000 p. 3032-7PDFWordHTML
Port Authorities (Port of Broome) Regulations 199924 Dec 1999 p. 6873-4PDFWordHTML
Port Hedland Port Authority (Debentures and Inscribed Stock) Regulations14 Jun 1971 p. 2133-45PDFWordHTML
Port Hedland Port Authority (Pilotage) Regulations 199530 Jun 1995 p. 2690-1PDFWordHTML
Port Hedland Port Authority Regulations14 Jun 1971 p. 2077-131PDFWordHTML
Ports (Easements, Leases and Licences) Regulations 199420 Sep 1994 p. 4870PDFWordHTML
Ports (Model Pilotage) Regulations 199427 May 1994 p. 2259-69PDFWordHTML
Potato Grading and Packing Code 198323 Sep 1983 p. 3876-7PDFWordHTML
Potato Growing Industry Trust Fund Act (Election of Elective Members) Regulations25 Mar 1949 p. 636-43PDFWordHTML
Poultry Industry (Trust) Fund Regulations9 Sep 1949 p. 2272PDFWordHTML
Poultry Processing Establishments Regulations 197325 May 1973 p. 1633-9PDFWordHTML
Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act - Control of Vivisection and Experiments Regulations 195916 Oct 1959 p. 2598-600PDFWordHTML
Psychologists Board Rules 197814 Jul 1978 p. 2420-32PDFWordHTML
Psychologists Regulations 200720 Feb 2007 p. 515-30PDFWordHTML
Public Sector Management (Examination and Review Procedures) Regulations 200120 Apr 2001 p. 2165-88PDFWordHTML
Public Sector Management (Redeployment and Redundancy) Regulations 199430 Sep 1994 p. 5033-55PDFWordHTML
Public Sector Management (Review Procedures) Regulations 199524 Nov 1995 p. 5475-87PDFWordHTML