The Government of Western Australia

Subsidiary legislation ceased

'S' List of subsidiary legislation titles

(Titles listed in red are ceased)
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Sandalwood Regulations 19939 Feb 1993 p. 1100-2PDFWordHTML
School Premises Regulations 198128 Aug 1981 p. 3592-7PDFWordHTML
Seeds Regulations 198212 Mar 1982 p. 828-43PDFWordHTML
Sentence Administration (Community Corrections Centres) Order 200015 Dec 2000 p. 7206-8PDFWordHTML
Sentence Administration (Community Corrections Centres) Order 20016 Apr 2001 p. 2020-3PDFWordHTML
Sentence Administration (Community Corrections Centres) Order 200226 Mar 2002 p. 1747-50PDFWordHTML
Sentence Administration Regulations 19964 Oct 1996 p. 5263-77PDFWordHTML
Sentencing Rules 19964 Oct 1996 p. 5279-80PDFWordHTML
Settlement Agents' Code of Conduct 198215 Oct 1982 p. 4064-6PDFWordHTML
Settlement Agents Supervisory Board (Elections) Regulations 198219 Mar 1982 p. 888-92PDFWordHTML
Shearers' Accommodation Act 1912, Regulations4 Jul 1947 p. 1228-9PDFWordHTML
Sheep Lice Eradication Fund Regulations 19877 Aug 1987 p. 3126PDFWordHTML
Small Business Guarantees Regulations 198510 May 1985 p. 1655PDFWordHTML
Small Claims Tribunals Regulations 19757 Mar 1975 p. 844-7PDFWordHTML
Soil and Land Conservation (Clearing Control) Regulations 19913 May 1991 p. 1938PDFWordHTML
South West Development Authority Regulations 198422 Jun 1984 p. 1667PDFWordHTML
Stamp Regulations 19797 Dec 1979 p. 3780-7PDFWordHTML
State Energy Commission (Bearer Debenture and Inscribed Stock) Regulations 198029 Feb 1980 p. 684-94PDFWordHTML
State Energy Commission Appeal Board Regulations3 Aug 1956 p. 1934-9PDFWordHTML
State Planning Commission Regulations 196219 Dec 1962 p. 4018-22PDFWordHTML
Stipendiary Magistrates (Examinations) Regulations 197921 Sep 1979 p. 2922-3PDFWordHTML
Stock (Control of Hormonal Growth Promotants) Regulations 199424 Jun 1994 p. 2820-9PDFWordHTML
Stock (Identification and Movement) Regulations 197230 Jun 1972 p. 2205-12PDFWordHTML
Strata Titles (Resolution of Disputes) Regulations 198521 Jun 1985 p. 2263PDFWordHTML
Strawberry Grading and Packing Code 199416 Sep 1994 p. 4829-40PDFWordHTML
Street Collections Regulations 194117 Jan 1941 p. 104-6PDFWordHTML
Subiaco Redevelopment (Subtracted Area - Stage 2) Regulations 200617 Nov 2006 p. 4764-8PDFWordHTML
Subiaco Redevelopment (Subtracted Area) Regulations 200516 Sep 2005 p. 4318-21PDFWordHTML
Subiaco Redevelopment Regulations 199423 Aug 1994 p. 4383-6PDFWordHTML
Superannuation Regulations 19597 Jul 1959 p. 1809-27PDFWordHTML
Supreme Court (Fees) Regulations 200127 Jul 2001 p. 3881-93PDFWordHTML
Supreme Court (Mental Health) Rules 196528 Sep 1965 p. 3373-99PDFWordHTML
Swan and Canning Rivers (Transitional) Regulations (No. 2) 200726 Sep 2007 p. 4849-52PDFWordHTML
Swan District Hospital (Eveline Road Site) By-laws 200530 Sep 2005 p. 4431-54PDFWordHTML
Swan River Trust Regulations 19897 Apr 1989 p. 1031-5PDFWordHTML
System of Accounting, Receipt and Disbursement of Moneys Regulations31 Aug 1917 p. 1376-8PDFWordHTML