The Government of Western Australia

Subsidiary legislation ceased

'T' List of subsidiary legislation

Table Grape Grading Code 2001Code24 Aug 2001 p. 4575PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Taxation (Reciprocal Powers) Regulations 1990Regulations5 Oct 1990 p. 5160-1PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Taxi Regulations 1995Regulations10 Jan 1995 p. 75-90PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Terminating Building Societies Model RulesRules13 Jul 1966 p. 1905-20PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
The Companies Regulations 1947Regulations5 Nov 1947 p. 2017-58PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
The Criminal Practice RulesRules29 Apr 1914 p. 1799-875PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
The Grain Pool of WA (Elections) Regulations 1976Regulations20 Feb 1976 p. 511-18PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
The Hospital Fund Act RegulationsRegulations17 Jul 1931 p. 1643-53PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
The Vermin Destruction Special Rates Regulations 1926Regulations5 Feb 1926 p. 192-3PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Timber Industry Regulations 1969Regulations3 Feb 1970 p. 317-35PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Tobacco Control (General) Regulations 1991Regulations26 Jul 1991 p. 3852-3PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Tobacco Control (Package Labels) Regulations 1994Regulations9 Dec 1994 p. 6666-77PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Tobacco Control (Smokeless Tobacco) Regulations 1991Regulations8 Feb 1991 p. 589PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Tobacco Control (Statement on Vending Machines) Regulations 1991Regulations7 Aug 1991 p. 4098PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Tobacco Sellers Licensing Regulations 1975Regulations12 Dec 1975 p. 4491-2PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Top-up and Spill Market RulesRules24 Jun 2004 p. 2181-220PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Totalisator Agency Board (Betting) (Modification of Operation) Regulations 2000Regulations22 Dec 2000 p. 7679-81PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Totalisator Agency Board (Betting) Regulations 1988Regulations25 Mar 1988 p. 935-55PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Totalisator Agency Board Rules 1961Rules23 Dec 1960 p. 4114-15PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Totalisator Duty (Combined Totalisator Pool Schemes) Regulations 1992Regulations31 Jul 1992 p. 3795PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Tow Truck Regulations 1975Regulations29 May 1975 p. 1553-7PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Town Planning and Development Act (Appeal) Regulations 1979Regulations25 Jun 1979 p. 1758-60PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Town Planning and Development (Appeal) Regulations 2003Regulations17 Apr 2003 p. 1247-50PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Town Planning and Development (Easement) Regulations 1983Regulations18 Mar 1983 p. 997-9PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Town Planning and Development (Ministerial Determinations) Regulations 2003Regulations17 Apr 2003 p. 1247-50PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Town Planning and Development (Subdivisions) Regulations 2000Regulations19 Dec 2000 p. 7295-8PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Town Planning Appeal Tribunal Rules 1979Rules25 Jun 1979 p. 1761-6PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Town Planning Appeal Tribunal Rules 2003Rules16 May 2003 p. 1759-80PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Town Planning (Local Government Planning Fees) Regulations 2000Regulations19 Dec 2000 p. 7243-59PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Town Planning Regulations 1967Regulations28 Nov 1967 p. 3227-53PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Trade Measurement Regulations 2007Regulations29 May 2007 p. 2353-474PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Trade Measurement (Transitional) Regulations 2006Regulations28 Nov 2006 p. 4890-2PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Transfer of Land Regulations 1997Regulations9 Jan 1997 p. 67-97PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Transport (Country Taxi-car) Regulations 1982Regulations23 Jul 1982 p. 2853-61PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Transport (Country Taxi-cars Fares) Regulations 1991Regulations19 Apr 1991 p. 1815-20PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Transport (Road Passenger Services) Regulations 2019Regulations26 Feb 2019 p. 461-533PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Trans-Tasman Mutual Recognition (Western Australia) (Temporary Exemptions) Regulations 2011Regulations17 May 2011 p. 1824PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Trans-Tasman Mutual Recognition (Western Australia) (Temporary Exemptions) Regulations 2012Regulations16 Nov 2012 p. 5644-5PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML
Travel Agents Regulations 1986Regulations19 Dec 1986 p. 4926-38PDFPDFWordWordHTMLHTML