The Government of Western Australia

Subsidiary legislation ceased

'W' List of subsidiary legislation titles

(Titles listed in red are ceased)
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W.A. Marine (Mercantile Marine) Regulations 19831 Jul 1983 p. 2184PDFWordHTML
WA Country Health Service By-laws 20075 Jun 2007 p. 2545-75PDFWordHTML
Ware Potato Grading and Packing Code 198527 Sep 1985 p. 3847-8PDFWordHTML
Warmun Community (Turkey Creek) Inc. By-laws26 Apr 1991 p. 1855-8PDFWordHTML
Water (Dixvale Area and Yanmah Area) Licensing Regulations 197422 Feb 1974 p. 571PDFWordHTML
Water Agencies (Charges) By-laws 198714 Jul 1987 p. 2658-72PDFWordHTML
Water Agencies (Preston Valley Irrigation Services) By-laws 196919 Dec 1969 p. 4201-4PDFWordHTML
Water Agencies (Water Restrictions) By-laws 199829 Sep 1998 p. 5401-5PDFWordHTML
Water Agencies (Water Use) By-laws 200728 Sep 2007 p. 4867-88PDFWordHTML
Water Boards (Bunbury) Regulations 199713 Jun 1997 p. 2758PDFWordHTML
Water Boards (Busselton) Regulations 200219 Feb 2002 p. 759PDFWordHTML
Water Corporation (Authorised Capital) Regulations 199724 Jun 1997 p. 3018PDFWordHTML
Water Services (Water Corporations Charges) Regulations 201314 Nov 2013 p. 5205-29PDFWordHTML
Water Services Code of Conduct (Customer Service Standards) 201326 Jul 2013 p. 3375-406PDFWordHTML
Water Services Coordination (Extension of Enactments) (SWIMCO) Regulations 19979 May 1997 p. 2314-19PDFWordHTML
Water Services Coordination (Extension of Enactments) Regulations 19979 May 1997 p. 2314-19PDFWordHTML
Water Services Licensing (Extension of Enactments) Regulations 19979 May 1997 p. 2314-19PDFWordHTML
Water Supply Act 1893 (Crown Lands) Regulations11 Mar 1898 p. 618PDFWordHTML
Weights and Measures (Exemptions) Regulations 199720 Jun 1997 p. 2806-8PDFWordHTML
Weights and Measures (Lower Accuracy Instruments) Regulations 20037 Mar 2003 p. 731-3PDFWordHTML
Weights and Measures (Pre-packed Articles) Regulations 198727 Feb 1987 p. 519-33PDFWordHTML
Weights and Measures Regulations 19273 Jun 1927 p. 1416-48PDFWordHTML
Welfare and Assistance Act Regulations 196215 Mar 1962 p. 649-61PDFWordHTML
Western Australian Aged Sailors, Soldiers and Airmen's Relief Fund Act 1932 Regulations16 Jul 1943 p. 678PDFWordHTML
Western Australian Coal Mines Advisory Board Regulations 195320 Mar 1953 p. 543PDFWordHTML
Western Australian College of Teaching (Elections) Regulations 200714 Aug 2007 p. 4133-49PDFWordHTML
Western Australian College of Teaching Regulations 20043 Sep 2004 p. 3863-78PDFWordHTML
Western Australian Financial Institutions Authority Regulations 199226 Jun 1992 p. 2658PDFWordHTML
Western Australian Government Railways and Tramways Employees' Death Benefit and Endowment Fund By-law 852 Mar 1934 p. 317-18PDFWordHTML
Western Australian Government Railways Cadet By-law - By-law 66A6 Feb 1968 p. 225-38PDFWordHTML
Western Australian Government Railways Commission (Bearer Debenture and Inscribed Stock) Regulations 197829 Dec 1978 p. 4903-15PDFWordHTML
Western Australian Government Railways Salaried Staff By-law - By-law 6617 Apr 1953 p. 676-81PDFWordHTML
Western Australian Marine (Sea Dumping) Regulations 198221 Jan 1983 p. 285-6PDFWordHTML
Western Australian Meat Marketing Corporation (Elections) Regulations 197417 May 1974 p. 1575-84PDFWordHTML
Western Australian Museum (Historic Wreck) Regulations22 Oct 1970 p. 3257PDFWordHTML
Western Australian Planning Commission (Regional Planning Schemes) Regulations 200019 Dec 2000 p. 7293-5PDFWordHTML
Western Australian Public Sector Code of Ethics (2002)19 Feb 2002 p. 753-4PDFWordHTML
Western Australian Public Sector Code of Ethics (2007)8 May 2007 p. 1981-3PDFWordHTML
Western Australian Public Sector Code of Ethics 200818 Jan 2008 p. 164-5PDFWordHTML
Western Australian Reproductive Technology Council (Nominating Bodies) Regulations 19926 Mar 1992 p. 1121PDFWordHTML
Wheat Products (Prices Fixation) Regulations 19729 Mar 1972 p. 566PDFWordHTML
Wildlife Conservation (Reptiles and Amphibians) Regulations 200220 Sep 2002 p. 4727-48PDFWordHTML
Wildlife Conservation Regulations18 Nov 1970 p. 3547-85PDFWordHTML
Wildlife Conservation Regulations 197018 Nov 1970 p. 3547-85PDFWordHTML
Wittenoom Water Area By-laws10 Apr 1952 p. 922-30PDFWordHTML
Women's and Children's Hospitals By-laws 200528 Jan 2005 p. 481-504PDFWordHTML
Workers' Compensation (Compensation Magistrate's Court) Rules 19944 Mar 1994 p. 904-6PDFWordHTML
Workers' Compensation (Conciliation and Review) Rules 199418 Feb 1994 p. 664-9PDFWordHTML
Workers' Compensation (DRD) Rules 20054 Nov 2005 p. 5353-418PDFWordHTML
Workplace Agreements (Industrial Agents) Regulations 19974 Dec 1997 p. 7095-115PDFWordHTML
Workplace Agreements Regulations 199330 Nov 1993 p. 6443-8PDFWordHTML