The Government of Western Australia

Suffix Explanation

Explanation of Suffix in Footer in the Consolidated Electronic Legislation Collection

The suffix is the unique identifier for each electronic version of a legislative instrument. It is stored as part of the file name and appears in the footer of the instrument.

The suffix contains certain information and it looks like this:

RR    —    cN    —    MM

RR is the official publication number showing whether the version is based on the original publication of the instrument or a reprint authorised by the Reprints Act 1984 or one of its predecessors.
If the version is based on the original publication, the publication number (RR) is 00.
The publication number (RR) is 01 for the first reprint and it goes up by one for each subsequent reprint.
cN This field distinguishes versions that are produced without doing a new reprint. It is made up of 2 components:
  • c  will show as 0 for legislation as originally published or reprinted. In subsequent versions it will increment by a single lower case alphabetical character: a-z, until the next reprint. Increments generally occur for the following:
    • a legislative amendment is incorporated;
    • editorial information changes in substance, for example in a note about provisions that have not come into operation;
    • a printer’s correction is published in the WA Government Gazette.
  • N  is 0 unless a retrospective amendment is incorporated into the version. It is a single number that is only incremented to give information about retrospective amendments.
MM relates solely to editorial and technical changes of no legal significance.

Example:  02  —  d0  —  00    is the 4th version since the 2nd reprint.